End Lorry Danger: get lethal lorries off our roads

In the first half of 2015, all but one of the cycling fatalities on London's roads involved a lorry.

Unless urgent action is taken, more people will lose their lives.

We’re calling on the Mayor of London to end lorry danger through:

A rush hour lorry ban

40% of cycling fatalities involving lorries occur between 8am and 9.30am. It’s time to get lorries off London’s roads during the rush hour.

'Direct Vision' lorries

It’s hard for the driver in a traditional lorry cab to see what’s in front of their vehicle. It’s time to get lorries with restricted vision out of our city and only allow in lorries with “direct vision” design.

Stronger enforcement

Operators must never be allowed to put profits before lives by allowing unlicensed, untrained lorry drivers, or unsafe vehicles, to operate on our roads.

We can’t let lethal lorries end more lives. Find out more about what we're calling for