Olympic Park

So far the London Olympics have failed to promote walking and cycling. Cycle Superhighway 2, supposedly from the city centre to the Olympic Park, stops short over a mile from the Games and the lethal junction at Bow still hasn't been made safe (though there's hope it will soon).

We'd like to see Dutch-style (see how they do it here) wide and continuous bike lanes all the way from the city centre to Stratford:

  • Dedicated cycle tracks link Stratford, the Olympic Park and the city centre. On the north side the tracks are 3-4m wide and two-way.
  • Stratford High Street now has two fewer motor lanes, with more space dedicated to cycling and walking. Bus lanes are retained in both directions.
  • The Greenway has wide, signal-controlled pedestrian and cycle crossings to allow walkers and cyclists to cross the main road in comfort and safety
  • Trees and planters are used to make Stratford High Street more welcoming and to improve air quality and a Cycle Hire docking station sits where the Greenway and the High Street meet.

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Street views

Click below to see close-ups of the new street design