Organising Events

Our local groups organise a range of events, such as rides, hustings, talks and campaign stunts. Events are great ways to showcase the work of local groups and encourage new people to get involved.

Download our full Guide to Organising an Event

For information on organising led rides and ride leader training, please see here.


 When organising an event, it can be useful to ask yourselves the following questions: 

WHY are you planning this event? What do you want to achieve? What is your aim? How does this action fit into your campaign or activities?

WHAT type of event should it be? A public talk? A led ride? A stall? A hustings event? What is message that you will promote? This should be simple, clear and relevant to your target (see below)

WHO is the event for? Who do you want to come along? Design your publicity materials to entice them. This could be local councillors; it could be local residents, the media.  It could be a combination of all three! 

WHEN will the event be held? Make sure you give yourself enough time to organise everything. Avoid competing with other local or national events. Is there a significant day that you could use which might help to attract media interest? 

WHERE will the event be held? Is there a venue that will maximise impact? This might be somewhere symbolic, or somewhere where your action will get the most attention. 

HOW will you publicise the event? Think about different channels – online, in print, through the media, on the local radio? 


Are Local Group events covered by our public liability insurance?

  • London Cycling Campaign has insurance for public events that are part of its business. This is not the same as personal insurance cover. 
  • Local Group events are covered by our Public Liability Insurance, as long as they are official Local Group events and are listed on the Events Page. Make sure you add your local group event onto this page. 
  • When Local Groups organise rides, it is LCC's third-party liability insurance that covers individual members leading rides. 
  • A ride leader who is not an LCC member would not be covered.

Does LCC cover non-LCC members on rides? No - it covers LCC's liability towards them and each of our member’s liability towards them - but not their liability towards other people. Any rider would need some form of personal third-party insurance if, for example, they scratched a car or collided with a pedestrian. LCC members are automatically covered under the LCC's third-party insurance; non-members are not.

It is best to check with the LCC office ( that your event is covered if you are in doubt.

Our guidence on Rides and Event Insurance is here

Read our full Guide to Organising an Event for more top tips and information on organising an event with your local group.