Parliament Square

Our Parliament Square is a public space that we can be proud of, a place that Londoners and residents can enjoy:

  • Parliament Square should be one of the world's premier destinations, not just an unpleasant roundabout, which is why motor traffic has been removed from two sides to provide space for cyclists and pedestrians. 
  • The square is over 15,000 square metres, and is safer, quieter and more attractive to Londoners and visitors. 
  • The double-T junction design (similar to our proposal for Blackfriars) features cyclist-specific traffic signals to remove conflicts, and advanced stop lines at junctions to provide advantage for those who are confident to ride on road. 
  • Large pavements and numerous wide pedestrian crossings and central reservations encourage you to walk the area.
  • The busy river crossing on Westminster Bridge has high-quality protected bike lanes for safe cycling, and the square itself includes a shared cycling and walking space on its east side, which could be used for royal processions. 

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Street views

Click below to see close-ups of the new street design