Campaign Planning

Effective campaigning can make the different between success and failure so it is essential that you plan your campaigns and develop a strategy to help you achieve your campaign aims. This applies to small localised campaigns as well as well as nationwide campaigns. 

Our Campaign Planning Guide outlines some techniques and suggestions for how you can plan effective campaigns and activities.

Download the Campaign Planning Guide

We cover:

  • Getting Started: Developing your plan
  • What makes a good campaign?
  • Identifying your campaign issue
  • Defining your aims
  • Gathering more information
  • Identifying your targets
  • Identifying allies & opponents
  • Deciding on targets
  • Choosing your tactics
  • Deciding on tactics
  • Matching Skills
  • Engaging local people
  • Finalising your plan

Don’t forget to look at the other useful Activist and Campagining Guides when developing your plan as they will have some more information and ideas on the following topics which will be crucial to campaign success: 

If you want to get involved in local cycle campaigning, consider joining your nearest local LCC group