Policy Resolutions of the 2015 AGM

Resolution  3 (Motion 3)

Policy on One Way Streets

Noting that the LCC Policy Forum agreed a document ( on one-way streets on 29 July 2015 that stated:

1. Two-way cycling should be the default on London’s streets; and

2. The question of whether streets should be two-way or one-way for motor vehicles should be decided on a case-by-case basis,

LCC now resolves that:

1. We will support schemes that restrict motor vehicle flow to one direction to allow the creation of high quality Space for Cycling, and will support one-way schemes that are designed to remove through-traffic, provided speed limits are 20mph (or lower) and adequate attention is given to quality of the pedestrian environment.

2. If there are conversions from one-way to two-way working of roads carrying more than 2000 PCU per day, we will demand that each pair of parallel roads should, between them, provide protected Space for Cycling in both directions.

3. We will press for the improvement of existing one-way systems via speed reduction measures, introduction of two-way cycling and improvement of pedestrian crossing facilities.


Resolution  5 (Motion 5)

Presumed Liability

We believe that the number of fatalities and injuries to London cyclists is unacceptably high. Currently, those injured, or the families of those killed, go through an often harsh and protracted process to gain much needed treatment, care, or compensation.

We note that versions of a Presumed Liability rule exist in the civil law of most European countries. Apart from the UK the other exceptions are Ireland, Malta, Romania and Cyprus.

Presumed Liability means that in civil actions after a collision with a cyclist or pedestrian, the motorist would be presumed to be at fault, unless they could prove that they were not to blame. It would not mean the motorist was criminally liable: it would just be for the purposes of compensation.

Presumed Liability would deliver fairer and faster justice for injured vulnerable road users.

We call on the London Cycling Campaign to campaign for Presumed Liability to be incorporated into law, and to work with other organisations involved in campaigning for Presumed Liability.