London Cycling Campaign success in 2017

Our Love London, Go Dutch campaign in 2012 successfully challenged politicians to bring Dutch style cycling infrastructure to London.

Since then, we’ve been driving the creation of space for cycling, seeing high-quality infrastructure appearing on our roads, and witnessing the massive rise in cycling this has brought.

We are still working hard to make sure that our vision, a London where anyone who wants to cycle can do so safely and enjoyably, is reality.

First Liveable Neighbourhoods announced

The first seven Liveable Neighbourhoods were announced, the first step to delivering the promise the Mayor made to LCC’s Sign for Cycling campaign, to enable every London borough to have the chance of such a scheme.

LCC and ofo partner to get more Londoners cycling

LCC have partnered up with dockless bike hire operator ofo, to encourage the growth of responsible dockless bike hire in London. This will expand bike hire schemes across the whole of London (not limited by the Santander scheme to central London), helping more people access bikes and start cycling.

Celebrating our amazing local campaigns

Our local groups are an incredible bunch, and our annual awards showcase the best of our network. There was a lot to show-off and share from our network at the 2017 Campaigner Awards.

LCC and Dennis Eagle launch new Lorry Safety Project

We often work with industry to support initiatives and campaigns that reduce road danger. This year we’ve teamed up with Dennis Eagle to share best practice with industry and cyclists on helping keep the roads safer

Met Police gives space for cyclists

After the West Midlands piloted their Close Pass initiative, targeting drivers who didn’t give cyclists enough space when overtaking, it’s been copied by police forces across the country. With support from LCC, it also started in London this year.

FreeCycle: thousands of people take to London's streets by bike

One of the biggest cycling events of London, Freecycle sees thousands of children and adults cycling the traffic free streets of London. Many will make their way to the event on one of LCC’s local group led rides, as this, LCC inspired, event continues to grow and grow.

Mayor's Transport Strategy

The Mayor produced his first Transport Strategy, setting out his vision for London. Not only did this document demonstrate how much the conversation around walking and cycling has changed, promoting the many benefits they have for the city, but it contained ambitious targets to have 80% of journeys made by walking, cycling or public transport, and to have 70% of Londoners living within 400 metres of a high-quality cycle route by 2041.

Bank Junction is changing for the better

LCC have been campaigning for years for improvements to this notoriously dangerous junction, including being joined by hundreds of supporters for a protest at the junction in 2015. This May, the City of London shut the junction to all motor traffic (except buses) from 7am to 7pm on weekdays. This is a massive win that has made a dramatic improvement to the area.

Vital Islington/Hackney safer junction scheme gets go ahead

Improvements to the junction of City Road/Shepherdess Walk/Bath St got the go ahead after 80% of respondents to the survey supported the proposed changes.

Camden CLOCS up another first

Camden is the first London borough to become a CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) champion. Camden’s contractors are now required to meet work-related road risk terms linked to CLOCS, a big step towards reducing the risk posed by large lorries in Camden.

London defines first Direct Vision standard for lorries

Responding to calls from LCC for safer lorries, Transport for London have defined the world’s first standard for direct vision (not via mirrors or cameras) from the driver’s cab. Lorries are rated on a scale from 0* -5*. The Mayor will exclude zero-star lorries from London from 2020 (unless they have met required mitigating measures including cameras, driver training and alert systems).

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