Our 'Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling' pledge and detailed conditions

The pledge

"We'll work to improve the safety of every Londoner by only signing new contracts with the safest haulage companies, which conform to the London Cycling Campaign’s Safer Lorries conditions. We also pledge to ensure our council-operated services meet the same standards."

The conditions

These conditions apply to contractors and all sub-contractors employed under the contract.

Our Safer Lorries pledge will ensure all lorries have:

  1. A close-proximity warning system (visual or audible) to make the driver aware of cyclists and pedestrians who might hidden from view. This can include an appropriate CCTV camera or Fresnel lens where this provides an adequate alternative.
  2. A Class VI mirror, sideguards, and prominent signage on the rear of the lorry warning cyclists not to undertake.
  3. An external warning device to ensure nearby road users are aware of a planned manoeuvre.
  4. The haulier will be a member of a reputable best-practice safety organisation, FORS or equivalent.

Our Safer Lorries pledge will ensure all drivers have:

  1. A driving licence check with the DVLA (before starting on a contract), with their licence being rechecked regularly.
  2. taken the Approved Driver Training within 60 days of the contract starting, unless they’ve had this training within three years. The training must include TfL’s Safe Urban Driving course, with on-bike hazard-awareness training.
  3. passed a FORS e-learning Work-Related Road Safety module (or an approved equivalent) at least every 12 months.


Notes for councils:

Download the Safer Lorries questions and answers schedule.