Space for Cycling - Local Events

What's going on in your area?

There has been a great deal of Space for Cycling activity happening all over London to help persuade local election candidates to sign up to the local cycling improvements we want to see.

Some events were organised by our wonderful local groups, and others by keen Londoners who support #Space4Cycling. See a full list of Local Group events here.

If you want to help out spread the word or help out with future local events, please get in touch. Contact us on twitter, facebook or e-mail us



Space for Cycling - Flyering

We need your help to get the Space for Cycling message out to Londoners. Can you help by handing out flyers to get more people lobbying their candidates and to tell them them about the Big Ride 2014?

If so, get in touch. You can join one of the flyering events on this page (see table below), organise one of your own (see list of suggested locations below) or just pop by the office and pick-up some flyers to hand out anywhere you like! It is not just cyclists we need support from but those you want to cycle but currently feel the roads are safe enough and there needs to be more #Space4Cycling





Fri 25 April

Critical Mass



Tue 29 April

Waterloo (Imax Roundabout)



Wed 30 April

Broadway Market/ London Fields



Thu 1 May

Spitalfields Sq and Market


Fri 2 May

CS3 (Cable St/ Leman St)



Sat 3 May




Sun 4 May




Mon 5 May (BH)




Tue 6 May

Broadway Market/ London Fields

08.20 - 09.15

Wed 7 May

Peckham Library


Thu 8 May

CS7 - Southbank Uni

Bloomsbury Colleges - Russell Sq



Fri 9 May

Hyde Park Corner


Sat 10 May




Sun 11May




Mon 12 May




Tue 13 May




Wed 14 May

 Oval tube station

08.15 - 9.00  

Thu 15 May




Fri 16 May




Sat 17 May

Big Ride







 Some good locations for flyering:

  • CS3 (Cable St/ Leman St)
  • CS3 Limehouse Stn (Canary Wharf)
  • Hyde Park Corner
  • CS8 Vauxhall Bridge
  • CS7 Southbank University
  • CS7 Clapham Common
  • CS7 end just pass Southwark Bridge
  • CS2 (where’s best? Bow roundabout would be ideal but might be a bit dangerous??)
  • CS2 Stratford
  • Bloomsbury Colleges (Nr Russell Sq) – Torrington Place, SOAS, UCL
  • East Croydon Station
  • Goswell Rd Triangle  (City road/Goswell Road/ Owen St), Islington
  • Waterloo Station hire bike station
  • Euston Station (near the bike racks)
  • London Bridge
  • Any train station with a lot of bike racks
  • Any big workplace, uni, college or hospital
  • If you are a parent or student, outside your local school
  • Anywhere with a lot of people on bikes!