It takes partnerships to make things happen in a city as large as London

We're delighted to have received support for our Love London, Go Dutch campaign from the following:

Lead sponsor

Brompton logo

Brompton Bicycles

To most Londoners this iconic brand of folding bikes will need no introduction. Marketing director Emerson Roberts said:

"The Brompton was created by a man who wanted to cycle more often and who wanted more people to cycle. And those are still our aims today. These goals, and the fact that we're still based in London, means we have a lot in common with the London Cycling Campaign.

"Allied to this is our deep connection to the Netherlands, our oldest export market, which made the Love London, Go Dutch campaign very appealing. Our customers in Holland have told us how much easier they find it to use their bikes, and we feel it's time for the people of this city, which has been our home for almost 40 years, to experience the levels of freedom they enjoy.

"We must rise to the challenge because it’s clear the situation on our roads is no better today – for cyclists, pedestrians or drivers – than it was when Brompton started in the 1970s. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel: merely apply some tried-and-tested improvements to our infrastructure. It's time to Love London and Go Dutch."


Dutch Embassy UK 

It means a lot to us to have the Dutch Embassy UK behind our campaign, giving us unprecedented access to technical expertise in the Netherlands. 

Dutch Ambassador to the UK Pim Waldeck said: 

"The Netherlands Embassy in London has offered to share Dutch expertise with the London Cycling Campaign, is a supporter of their Love London, Go Dutch campaign. We're keen to share our experience and know-how with other nations keen to discover the pleasures and benefits of safe cycling.

In the Netherlands, we have succeeded in integrating provision for cycle paths in urban transport planning, with currently more than 20,000 miles of cycle paths (an increase of 41% over the past 15 years). Cycling fatalities fell from 3,200 per year in 1972 to just 700 per year in 2010.

For the Dutch, the economic (and environmental, and health) benefits of cycling far outweigh the costs. Cycling has become one of the most important forms of travel for Dutch city-dwellers, with 26% of all journeys taking place by bike, the highest in the EU.

We are used to seeing people on bikes of all ages, shapes and sizes: from builders, bakers and bankers, to elder statesmen and even royalty. It is not uncommon for a senior government minister to pull up next to you at the traffic lights if you happen to live in The Hague.”

Bywaters logo

Bywaters Recycling

Bywaters is a family-run recycling and resource-management based in London, serving the whole of the South-East of England.Michael Pusey, deputy managing director said:

"We're proud to support this campaign to make our city streets safer for cyclists. 

"As a company, we take our responsibility to fellow road users very seriously, and are currently upgrading all our vehicles to include side sensors that can pick up any movement of cyclist on the inside, as well as warning alarms to alert vulnerable road users when the vehicle is turning left. There will also be warning signs on our vehicles alerting cyclist not to undertake.

"Bywaters is an environmentally conscious recycling organisation that's committed to working with the London Cycle Campaign to make London more liveable for everyone, where people can breathe easy and move around in safety and comfort."

Postlethwaite Solicitors

Postlethwaite is an English law firm specialising in employee share schemes.

Robert Postlethwaite is a partner, and one of our Go Dutch champions:

"We support Love London, Go Dutch because we believe cycling should be a safe means of transport for everyone in a 21st century city."

EMCF is Europe’s largest equity central counterparty, guaranteeing the settlement of trades in these uncertain times and helping to ensure the stability of Europe’s financial system. 

 Hugh Brown, Director of UK Markets, said

“As a Dutch company also operating in London, we felt the LCC’s Love London Go Dutch location map was a natural one for us to sponsor.  Highlighting and eliminating points of risk on London’s streets is similar to what we strive for in European financial markets.   We also strongly support the wider campaign to promote cycling and all EMCF employees have access to distinctive company bikes in our locations in Amsterdam, London and Stockholm.”