Stay informed with LCC news and updates

As a London Cycling Campaign member or supporter there are a number of ways in which you can keep informed on the latest LCC news, campaigns and updates. As well as get involved in debate and discussion on all cycling related matters with other members and supporters.

Contact our campaigns team if you have any questions:


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This is the weekly internal update from the LCC Office for Local Group Members. Please contact our campaigns team ( if you would like to be added to this list.


 Join one of our Yahoo Groups to get involved in discussions related to London-wide LCC matters such as campaigns and policy. We encourage all our active Local Group members and Activists to join the relevant groups to keep informed and input into debate. Most of our Local Groups also have their own Yahoo Group discussion lists.

You will need to set up a Yahoo Account with your name and a nominated email address to join a Yahoo group. The details for each discussion group are below.

  • London Riders (lccrider) This list exists to exchange information about London Cycling Campaign and CTC-London weekend rides, but it is not intended as a chat line, nor for general discussions about cycling issues. Central London CTC rides are listed hereJoin the Group here. For more information on LCC Rides, see the official Events page. 
  • LCC Infrastructure Review Group (LCC_JRG) This is a restricted group, formerly known as the 'Junction Review Group', but now encompasses junctions and all infrastructure. Membership is by invitation and Local Groups should have at least one representative on this Group where possible. Please email us for more information and to find out about getting involved.
  • LCC Policy (lcc-policy) This is a restricted mailing list for the Policy Forum members at the London Cycling Campaign. To get involved in this group or request membership, please email us.