Lobby for improved cycling facilities in Greater London

We want London to be a city that’s brilliant for everyone to cycle in. Want to help us make it happen? Here are three ways you can get involved.

1. Take our latest campaign action

Don't let the black cab drivers derail Tooley Street

Leading to London Bridge, Tooley Street is an important route cycled by thousands daily. But it’s currently a polluted, dangerous, unhealthy street.

TfL have plans for a short term project to make the road safer for people walking and cycling shorter-term. But black cab drivers are up in arms about these changes, all over being banned from turning onto Tooley Street from London Bridge - they won’t even be banned on Tooley Street. 

Please take a minute or two to complete the very short consultation and show TfL that the majority of Londoners support making our streets safer, cleaner and healthier.

2. Get involved with your local group

The best way of improving conditions for cycling in your local area is by getting involved with your local LCC group.

We have an active campaigning group in every borough. They work closely with local councils to improve facilities for cyclists and raise the profile of cycling in each borough.

Visit our Local Groups section to find out how you can get involved

3. Join London Cycling Campaign

Our members are a vital part of our campaigning activity. By becoming an LCC member, you’re helping us to give cyclists a louder voice and to achieve real improvements in conditions for cyclists. We’ll keep you informed of how your membership is helping our campaigns, and you’ll get a whole range of other benefits, too.

Find out more about LCC membership.