Ride London 2014

Team LCC and RideLondon

On the 4th August 2013, over 15,000 riders took part in the Prudential RideLondon 100, 34 of which were riding as Team LCC. The 100 mile route, made famous by Olympians in 2012, was not for the faint-hearted with some seriously tough climbs, but this was no match for our bicycle-loving bunch who all successfully completed the race.

Team LCC did us proud that year, smashing their target and raising a combined total of £4625. Well done and thanks to the riders and volunteers for making it such a spectacular day. 

In 2014, another fantastic bunch of riders once again took on the route. The intrepid team battled the rain and winds, with some even managing impressive times hovering around the 3hr 30min mark. Fundraising efforts are still being totted up, but in the meantime, you can still sponsor Team LCC - supporting London Cycling Campaign's valuable campaigning work - here.

If you'd like to take part in the largest ever cycling sportive held in the UK and ride the RideLondon-Surrey 100 in 2015 on behalf of Team LCC, register your interest by emailing TeamLCC@lcc.org.uk  

Introducing Team LCC 2014

Our Team of London's finest took on some of the toughest roads in London and Surrey, all for London cyclists!

Here some of our riders explain how they approached the challenge, and why they have chosen to ride for Team LCC.

Matthew Falconer (aka Birdman!)

"I started cycling just over 3 years ago, and have gone from a 18.5 stone lump to a much better proportioned 12.5 stone (still some work to do!), and someone who now rides 7 days a week. I'm really excited to have the opportunity to cycle Ride London with London Cycling Campaign!"

 Joff Verby

"Although I spend time being a lycra-clad gradient loving masochist - I also ride my bike to the shops, to the pub, to work and to visit family and friends.  I feel a lot of roads and junctions in London aren't safe enough for vulnerable road users.  We need more dedicated space for cycling on the roads and in the general mindset of motorists, local councils and town planners."

Dr. Robert Davis

Robert has been a member of LCC for about 28 years, and has been cycling in London for 35 years. He is Chair of the Road Danger Reduction Forum and a semi-retired transport planner.
Robert has been a club cyclist and now takes part in Audax and cyclosportives, the most recent being the gruelling Paris-Roubaix Cyclo.

Heiner Boehmer

Heiner has done similar rides in Germany, but only restarted cycling last year - RideLondon will be his first long-distance event.
Heiner says, "I ride for the LCC because I’m a big supporter of the work you do. The LCC has already made a big difference and has transformed London. More work to do and I love to be part of it."

Chris Jubb

"I'm a keen cyclist who has the good fortune of working for LCC as their Business Development Manager. A great team and great to be able to talk about cycling all day long! Last year I did get to ride the inaugural RideLondon event and in 1 word; EPIC! Personal objective for this years ride; trying to beat my laprevious time and to take on board more water than I did last year."

David Kernohan

David is a Team LCC stalwart, having ridden as part of our team last year. He has been riding for about four years, and finished last year's Ride London in a very impressive 5 hours 30. This year he is aiming to finish in under 5 hours!

Steve Knattress (aka @cycleoptic)

"I'm a keen London cyclist commuting North to West London, all year round since the early 80s and have been a long time member of LCC. Limited by working many weekends I occasionally take on the "Hertfordshire Alps" with Islington CC

Since my colleague Eilidh Cairns was killed in Notting Hill 5 years ago, I have realised how dangerous London's roads can be. As an experienced cyclist it is easy to forget how intimidating the roads have become for all cyclists. I am glad of the opportunity to take part in Ride100 and hopefully raise some money so that LCC is better able to campaign for safer 24/7 #space4cycling."

Graeme Harrison

"I'm a keen cyclist, did the very popular Argus cycle tour in Cape Town for many years and just love the "camaraderie" that comes with such an event. I lived in London for 7 years before coming to Spain so I will feel like a tourist on the route, but will be doing my best not to let that slow me down!"

Mikael Buck

Mikael is a keen cyclist, but is facing the added challenge of training for RideLondon whilst dealing with sleep deprivation that comes with a week-old baby (Layla)!

"Before having a baby I would ride around 100 miles a week. I have done this kind of ride before, but never on closed roads. Earlier in the year I went to Belgium and took part in the Tour of Flanders sportive - this has around 15,000 people taking part. It was a fantastic feeling cyling with so many other people and I cant't wait to experience that same buzz on my home roads in London and Surrey.

I'm riding this event for LCC because I want London to be a place where pedestrians and cyclists are given priority over motorised traffic rather than the polluted and divisive shrine to the car that it feels like at the moment."

Naheed Bashir

Naheed is a keen cyclist, and having started cycling 8 months ago, has been pursuing longer distances ever since. She says, "I have often cycled in built up busy traffic areas, including major junctions in and around London, and I still find it incredibly daunting. I hear of and read about incidents where cyclists are killed or injured and it makes me realise that we all need to support a cause which is so beneficial; a voice which speaks up and campaigns tirelessly for a safer London. I am keen to support the LCC and raise funds, and on a personal level, successfully ride my longest distance to date. It would be a terrific personal achievement."

James Millington

James is a Lecturer in the Department of Geography at King's College London. Although he has been cycling in to the Strand for more than 10 years, James only started cycling for fun beyond the city in the last couple. He finished RideLondon100 2013 in 5hrs 45 and is aiming to go faster this year with Team LCC! Find James on Strava to see his training progress.

Ashley Brown

Ashley says, "I'm taking part in the RideLondon 100, raising money for London Cycling Campaign, because there's a straightforward and relatively cheap solution to many of London's problems: getting people out of their cars and off the tube and onto bikes. Cheaper than new roads. Vastly cheaper than new railways. And the humble bicycle gets you directly from A-B, while being one of the most space and energy efficient means of transport."

Phil Innamorati

"I'm a Born Again Cyclist, who, 3 years ago, traded his powered 2 wheel mode of Transport for Pedal Power and did an 18 mile commute, in all weathers. Since being made Redundant, I've become a Bikeability Instructor in Birmingham. So, yes, I don't live in/around London! However, I'm riding for and supporting LCC because the good work they do benefits cyclists all over the country!

Last year was a real baptism of fire for me! I only bought my first Road Bike 4 weeks before and had never ridden 'clipped in!'. How was the Ride? As another LCC Rider said - EPIC! I've Come Back & that speaks volumes!
Looking to get at least Sub 6 Hour Official Time this year..."

Andrew Ladd

"I Have been biking now for around 7 years , with the last 5 years spent riding through London as part of my daily commute , I cycle nearly every day in all weathers from Kings Cross to Canary Wharf.
Have completed various cycling challenges over the years including Paris to London , Brussels to London , Coast to Coast and completed in the inaugural Ride London last year , which was an amazing event.
Looking forward to this year’s events as part of Team LCC and raise awareness of the great cause."

Susan Dowling

"I got back into cycling in 2011, and at the time my expectations of riding was to go as far as the local lakes so I could be outside. Became addicted and have now got a fleet of four bikes. Famous last words back then was 'You will never catch me wearing Lycra' Hmmm! Glad I did not have a bet going on that one.

Through cycling I have developed a great network of cycling friends and I love it. I regularly ride in Charity rides, Sportives and anything that is fun. Proud moments this year have been becoming an assistant Go SkyRide Leader for British cycling, being a Ride Angel on the First Women verses Cancer Night Ride and being a Chaperone on the final leg of the Help for Hero's Ride and of course the year is not over yet and I am really looking forward to riding in the Prudential Ride London 100.

I'm very happy to to be riding for LCC. What could be more appropriate than riding in a ride for cyclists, in support of cyclists?"

Miriam Valencia

"I have been doing a daily commute on my bike for 15 years, and have also done many holiday miles round Scotland, England and beyond with a tent and sleeping bag in my panniers. But I finally bought a road bike in April and I am hooked. I am looking forward to the challenge, but feeling a bit apprehensive about the number of riders! Being able to get around London on my bike is so important to me - I can't imagine coping without the freedom it gives me - and I am so grateful for the work that LCC are doing to make it safer."

Steve Jessop

"I run and cycle with W4 Harriers which is a club in West London and volunteer at LCC so it's a great pleasure to ride with Team LCC.  I have just completed this years Etape which was a rain and painfest but great training for the Ride 100!  I have also ridden the Marmotte in the past and various sportives - all in not very spectacular times so maybe the Ride100 is my chance for glory.  Looking forward especially to the closed roads".

Other Team LCC riders:

Will Roberts

Nick Blyth

Ken Williams

Darren White

Andrew Ladd

Martin Ireland

Diego Fernandez

Sven Jones

Gareth Davies

Tom Elliott

Hannah Sensecall

Paul Wolfson

Jason Windsor

Sam Jacob