TfL's Better Junctions scheme

Better Junctions map

The map above shows the junctions on the Better Junctions scheme - 33 dangerous junctions Transport for London and the Mayor have said will be tackled. Click on the map for a bigger version. 

The initial programme of tackling key London junctions was a response by the Mayor to the tragic deaths of two cyclists in 2011 at Bow Roundabout and the subsequent vigils and protests by LCC members and the families of the people who died. All the Mayoral candidates in 2012 promised to adopt continental grade standards for cycle provision on our roads when they signed up to LCC's Love London Go Dutch campaign, and the Mayor wrote to LCC in 2013 promising action in response to our Space for Cycling protests at the Aldwych and Holborn gyratories.

LCC has objected to the slow pace of progress of the Better Junctions. The previous Mayor and TfL had promised that the "programme has been fundamentally refocused away from making minor, often cosmetic changes at a large number of junctions to delivering real and transformational change at the busiest and worst junctions." Leon Daniels, Managing Director of Surface Transport at TfL, said: "They are some of the busiest traffic intersections in Europe, so this work has been complicated. But we are now fully committed to delivering these junction improvements as quickly as possible, making London safer and more inviting for all." Average spending at each of the 33 listed locations will be around £9 million.

However, progress is unacceptably slow. And many of the completed schemes still do not offer the safe and inviting space for cycling that's so urgently needed.

Completed junctions

  • Aldgate – completed July 2018, gyratory extensively redeveloped, but without providing safe cycling routes
  • Apex (Shoreditch) – completed May 2016, gyratory removed, but safe cycling facilities are primarily N-S
  • Archway – completed July 2017, gyratory removed, but incomplete cycling facilities
  • Blackfriars - completed May 2016, north-south Cycle Superhighway, ideally facilities should be added to Queen Victoria Street
  • Bow – "interim scheme" enabled tracks east-west through the junction using "cycle gates", but hook risks remain. TfL say "feasibility design work on 'vision' scheme" will lead to construction December 2021 - March 2023
  • Elephant & Castle north – completed May 2016, tracks are partial
  • Lancaster Gate – completed December 2017, north-south links safe but feature heavy delays, no satisfactory east-west links or onward route to Paddington Station etc.
  • Oval – completed 2015, tracks are partial
  • Parliament Square – Completed May 2016, partial tracks with excessive delays, and lacks connections east-west. TfL says: "Further work ongoing looking at more transformational pedestrian scheme for the square."
  • Spur Road – heavy lights delays, no link to high potential route along Buckingham Gate
  • Stockwell – completed January 2017, partial tracks only NE-SW for short section
  • Tower Gateway – completed May 2016, lacks north-south links
  • Westminster Bridge South - completed October 2017

In construction

  • Stratford - due to be completed August 2019
  • Highbury - due to be completed January 2020
  • Old Street – due to be completed January 2020

Consulted on

  • Chiswick roundabout/Kew Bridge – part of CS9, lacking N-S treatment across bridge, construction planned spring 2019 - February 2021
  • Hammersmith Broadway – only northern side consulted as part of CS9, construction planned summer 2019 - August 2020
  • King’s Cross – outline consultation featuring no cycling provision (York Way/Pentonville Road junction has been changed to include poor cycling provision). TfL says "feasibility design work underway". Construction due January 2021 - September 2022.
  • Lambeth Bridge north – concerns over hook risk and delayed following consultation, likely due to Westminster Council opposition. Construction due January 2020 - November 2021
  • Lambeth Bridge south – delayed following consultation, likely due to Westminster Council opposition. Construction due January 2020 - November 2021
  • Rotherhithe – part of CS4, construction due summer 2019 - December 2020
  • Swiss Cottage – lacks connections northwards, TfL says: "Construction paused following legal challenge from Westminster City Council."
  • Vauxhall Cross – first phase completed as part of CS5, second phase consulted. TfL says: "Design work ongoing". Construction due May 2020 - March 2023
  • Wandsworth Town Centre – large-scale scheme does not appear to have moved forward, very unsatisfactory for cycling. TfL says: "Design work ongoing". Construction due July 2021 - October 2023
  • Waterloo – concerns about links beyond roundabout. TfL says: "detailed design now underway". Construction due January 2020 - late 2021
  • Borough High Street/ Tooley Street – "interim proposals... along Tooley Street" due in construction early-spring 2019. TfL say they are also "working on a more transformational redesign of this junction as part of extending Cycle Superhighway 4 from Tower Bridge over London Bridge"

No plans yet

  • Great Portland Street gyratory - on hold due to Westminster Council. TfL say "it it was not possible to agree a viable option with Westminster City Council. Following the announcement of the Safer Junctions Programme, it was therefore decided that resources should be focussed on those sites with a worse collision record where it was more likely to deliver a scheme."
  • Marble Arch - TfL says: "Proposals... were being developed alongside... Oxford Street.... We will now await the outcome of their alternative scheme before determining how improvements at Marble Arch could be incorporated."
  • Nag’s Head – due as part of new Camden to Tottenham cycle route, construction due early 2020 - early 2021
  • St Paul’s - TfL says: "Liaising with the City of London who are developing their cultural strategy (‘Culture Mile’) for this area, including the location of the Museum of London, which is a pivotal precursor to what improvements could be made to St Pauls Gyratory."
  • Surrey Quays – waiting for second CS4 consultation, construction due summer 2019 - December 2020
  • Woolwich Road/A1020 - TfL says: "part of future cycle route between Greenwich and Woolwich". Construction due late 2021 - late 2023 (TfL says: "timescales are indicative")

Safer Junctions

Following the election of Mayor Sadiq Khan, a new programme is set to replace the "Better Junctions" programme, although it is unclear which, if any, missing junctions from the original programme will also be progressed. This new programme is based on the last three years of collision data to prioritise junction improvements. The list that TfL has announced is as follows. And there is a commitment to review junctions on a rolling basis...

“Significant improvement completed within the last three years”

  • Queen Street/Queen Street Place/Upper Thames Street, City Of London - All arms of junction feature safe movements for cycling in all directions, but bridge approach lanes rather than tracks
  • Fleet Street/New Bridge Street/Farringdon Street/Ludgate Circus, City Of London - CS6 segregated tracks for N-S movement. E-W (Fleet Street to Ludgate Hill) largely unchanged, and unprotected
  • Bishopsgate/Middlesex Street, City Of London - Paving enhancements. No clear improvements for safety
  • Manor Road/Stamford Hill, Hackney - ASLs added. No feed in lanes. Hook risks retained
  • High Road (N15)/West Green Road, Haringey - CS1 on pavement lanes added. Used by few cyclists. Major safety risks on most arms retained
  • Bath Road/The Parkway, Hounslow - Dangerous roundabout, left essentially unchanged
  • Camberwell New Road/Brixton Road, Lambeth - Left hook risk removed through banned turn, tracks on Brixton Road to Kennington Park Road, some hook risks and hostile junction arms retained
  • Stockwell Road/Clapham Road/South Lambeth Road, Lambeth - short track section, but hook risks and hostile junction arms retained
  • Molesworth Street/Loampit Vale, Lewisham - major junction redesign, major risks retained, very hostile
  • St George's Circus, Southwark - CS6 N-S Cycle Superhighway. Tracks on one alighnment only, risks retained on some other arms.
  • Elephant and Castle (North Roundabout), Southwark - see above on "Better Junctions"
  • Whitechapel Road/Fieldgate Street, Tower Hamlets - CS2 upgrade, E-W protected turns and tracks, but no improvements N-S
  • Whitechapel Road/Cambridge Heath Road, Tower Hamlets - CS2 upgrade, E-W protected turns and tracks, but no improvements N-S
  • Mile End Road/Cleveland Way, Tower Hamlets - CS2 upgrade, hook risks remain
  • Globe Road/Mile End Road, Tower Hamlets - CS2 upgrade, left hook risks remain
  • Mile End Road/Burdett Road, Tower Hamlets - CS2 upgrade, N-S remains unimproved
  • Bow Road/Campbell Road, Tower Hamlets - CS2 upgrade, hook risks remain
  • Whitechapel High Street/Commercial Street, Tower Hamlets - CS2 upgrade, N-S remains unimproved
  • Westminster Bridge/Victoria Embankment, Westminster - tracks missing on bridge
  • Victoria Embankment/Northumberland Avenue, Westminster - CS3 E-W protected on all arms/turns
  • Grosvenor Road/Vauxhall Bridge, Westminster - CS5 tracks onto/off Vauxhall Bridge, but CS8 running E-W retains hook risks, lack of protection, turns not facilitated

“Planned improvement plans within TfL's business plan”

  • Euston Road/Judd Street, Camden
  • Camden Street/Camden Road, Camden 
  • Euston Road/Eversholt Street, Camden 
  • Cannon Street/Martin Lane/King William Street, City Of London 
  • Bishopsgate/Camomile Street/Wormwood Street, City Of London 
  • Fenchurch Street/Gracechurch Street/Lombard Street, City Of London 
  • Central Markets/Snow Hill/Farringdon Street/West Smithfield, City Of London 
  • Purley Way/Mitcham Road, Croydon
  • Seven Sisters Road/Woodberry Grove, Hackney
  • Seven Sisters Road/Green Lanes, Hackney
  • High Street Shoreditch/Commercial Street, Hackney
  • Kingsland Road/Old Street, Hackney
  • Holland Park Avenue/Holland Road/West Cross Route, Hammersmith & Fulham
  • Farringdon Road/Clerkenwell Road, Islington
  • Highbury Corner, Islington
  • Holloway Road/Tollington Road, Islington
  • Holloway Road/Drayton Park, Islington
  • Chelsea Embankment/Cheyne Walk/Battersea Bridge, Kensington & Chelsea
  • Chelsea Embankment/Oakley Street, Kensington & Chelsea
  • Kennington Park Road/Braganza Street/Boro Bdy, Lambeth
  • Camberwell New Road/Flodden Road/Boro Bdy. Lambeth
  • Stamford Street/Waterloo Road roundabout, Lambeth
  • Southend Road/Chigwell Road, Redbridge
  • Jamaica Road/Lower Road/Rotherhithe Tunnel, Southwark
  • Camberwell Green/Camberwell New Road, Southwark
  • New Kent Road/Harper Road, Southwark
  • Commercial Road/Jubilee Street, Tower Hamlets
  • Mitcham Road/Tooting Broadway, Wandsworth
  • Putney Hill/Upper Richmond Road, Wandsworth
  • York Road roundabout, Wandsworth
  • Baker Street/Marylebone Road, Westminster
  • Millbank/Lambeth Bridge, Westminster
  • George Street/Edgware Road, Westminster

“New safety studies on…”

  • Camden High Street/Parkway (Lte Station), Camden 
  • Arthur Street/King William St/Monument Street, City Of London 
  • Kingsland Road/Whiston Road/Nuttall Street, Hackney 
  • Balls Pond Road/Kingsland Road/borough boundary, Hackney 
  • High Road (N15)/Seven Sisters Road, Haringey 
  • Hogarth Lane/Burlington Lane, Hounslow 
  • Holloway Road/Parkhurst Road, Islington 
  • Pentonville Road/Islington High Street, Islington 
  • Chelsea Embankment/Chelsea Bridge Road/Grosvenor Road, Kensington & Chelsea 
  • Acre Lane/Brixton Hill, Lambeth 
  • Brixton Road/Atlantic Road, Lambeth 
  • Brixton Road/Stockwell Road/Gresham Road, Lambeth 
  • Clapham Road/Union Road, Lambeth 
  • Elephant & Castle (South roundabout), Southwark
  • East India Dock Rd/Stainsby Road (Ats), Tower Hamlets
  • Upper Tooting Road/Tooting Bec Road, Wandsworth 
  • Hyde Park Corner/Park Lane, Westminster 
  • Knightsbridge/Brompton Road, Westminster 
  • Edgware Road/Harrow Road, Westminster
If you'd like to find out how you can campaign for better junctions in your area, contact your LCC local group.