Upcoming seminars

Our 29th seminar took place on Thursday 1st June 2017, at 6pm at University of Westminster Marylebone campus. It involved a roundtable discussion on autonomous vehicles - from how "driver behaviour" will be determined (especially around cyclists and pedestrians), to pricing and ownership models (and how they'll affect demand and mode shift), to the impact on public transport and street scapes and the relationship between AV and EV.

Our expert panel included Dr. Tom Cohen from University College London, who's recently carried out work for DfT on AV, Dr. Lisa Collingwood from Kingston University, who's been writing on ethics, liability, and privacy issues related to AV, and Professor George T. Martin from Montclair State University, who's currently working on a book which will be entitled The Social Ecology of Autonomous Vehicles.

We are currently on a summer break and seminars will continue in Autumn.