We're the voice for cyclists and those who want to cycle in London

What we do

The London Cycling Campaign:

  • campaigns to make cycling safe and inviting for everyone
  • supports our 12,000 members
  • promotes cycling to everyone.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform our city into a healthier, cleaner and happier place to live, where cycling is a choice for any Londoner who wants to ride the streets conveniently and without fear.

To achieve this we lobby decision-makers at all levels, presenting them with evidence-based arguments for encouraging bicycle use before motorised transport, which include:

  • widespread economic benefits
  • improvements to public health
  • reductions in road danger
  • less motor traffic congestion
  • zero CO2 emissions
  • reduced air pollution

To find out more about what we advocate, please read Policy for a cycling city.

Benefits and services

We provide a range of benefits exclusively to our members, and offer cycling products and services, to individuals and organisations, including cycling-promotion events, cycle-parking audits and cycle theft insurance.

We also run a number of successful cycling projects across Greater London to encourage more Londoners cycle to improve their physical and mental health.

Contact us

General and press contacts

Representatives in each borough


Our chief executive Ashok Sinha leads our staff team, while Terry Patterson is chair of our board of elected trustees.

We also benefit from the goodwill and skills of hundreds of volunteers, including those who run our borough groups.


Founded in 1978, the London Cycling Campaign is a registered charity that has been actively promoting cycling for over 30 years.

We’ve grown from humble beginnings in a meeting room in Fleet Street, to having nearly 12,000 members, an active local group in all 33 London boroughs, and a strong staff team.

We're proud of our successes in helping to grow cycling across Greater London, and we actively campaign for greater change.

Charitable status

London Cycling Campaign is a charitable company limited by guarantee: registered number 1766411; registered charity number 1115789; registered address Unit 201, Metropolitan Wharf, London E1W 3SS.

Our board of trustees are directors of the limited company and trustees of the charity.

View our Articles of Association (last updated at our 2014 AGM) here. You can also find our AGM Standing Orders here.

London Living Wage

We always pay the London Living Wage or higher for all directly employed staff and contractors.


As a charity we largely rely on the public for support. Please donate if you want to help turn London into a world-class cycling city: