The next Mayor of London should commit to continental-standard cycling infrastructure

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Why we'd love London to Go Dutch...

We're calling on the Mayor of London to build continental-standard cycling infrastructure in the capital, so everyone has the freedom to cycle, whatever their route, and whatever their destination.

Most people are scared to cycle on London's roads because of the high volumes and speeds of motor traffic.

Some put up with inconvenient detours on minor roads but, more often, Londoners don't cycle at all.

Yet politicians and city planners refuse to dedicate space to cyclists because they're wedded to outmoded thinking that prioritises motor vehicles above all else.

When bike lanes or tracks have been installed, they've usually been poor quality, doing little to encourage more journeys by bike, often giving cycle lanes a bad name.

Solutions that work all over the city

In countries like the Netherlands and Denmark, high-quality infrastructure gives people the confidence and safety to cycle where they choose.

Here, some back street routes offer a degree of relief from the worst of London's motor traffic, but those routes are frequently indirect and disconnected.

Many journeys still require cyclists to navigate busy roads and major junctions, where they're likely to feel threatened by motor traffic.  

Main roads are fast, direct, easily navigable routes that many Londoners want to use.

This is why our Love London, Go Dutch campaign calls for high-quality, continental-standard bike lanes on major roads in the capital.

Not just about main roads

There's also a pressing need for other roads – for example, residential and shopping streets – across Greater London to be made into areas that are suitable for families to live in comfort and safety.

Measures such as 20mph limits as well as removing or reducing through-traffic have already been implemented successfully in some parts of London, and should be much more widespread.

Traffic-calming measures not only help cyclist safety, but they also help protect people on foot from the dangers of motor traffic.

Separating cyclists from motor traffic on busy roads and at major junctions, along much more widespread traffic-calming measures are a proven way create a more liveable city for everyone.

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