Workplace cycling

Reward your staff with London Cycling Campaign membership

The LCC Corporate Package is a great way to encourage cycling within your workplace and to encourage a more active workforce.

There is lots of evidence about how having a fit and active workforce helps productivity – for instance, people who cycle regularly take less sick days. Cycling is a great way to get active and what better way to do that when commuting to work.

The LCC Corporate Package helps you to encourage your workforce to cycle and to help them cycle confidently and safely.

Benefits include:

·         Access to half price LCC membership, which includes 3rd Party liability insurance and discounts at bike shops across London

·         Access to free legal cycling helpline for all employees

·         LCC Cycling Helpline

·         Cycling Activity Credits – see below

·         Cycling Information Pack – Info for intranets & downloadable PDFs

o   Bicycle roadworthiness (ABC & M checks) *

o   Bike locking

o   Benefits of cycling & active travel

o   How to start cycling

o   How to setup & run a BUG (Bicycle User Group)

·         Posters for cycle park / bike shed

o   ABC & M checks *

o   Locking your bike

·         LCC branded cycle pump & back-up cycle box for cycle park / bike shed (emergency supplies such as inner tubes, back-up lights, batteries, bike tools, puncture repair kit, laminated LCC info on M checks & fixing a puncture, other branded material)

·         LCC Cycle Rating of your cycling facilities

·         Discounted cycle parking audits and other LCC consultancy

·         Discounted staff cycle training packages

Cycling Activities include:

·         Cycling mechanic sessions – cycle safety checks & basic maintenance*

·         Cycle roadshows event – Mechanic & Cycle trainers encouraging new cyclists – includes cycle talks on bike maintenance, cycling safely and how to start cycling

·         Ride leader training

·         Cycle helpdesks – cycle advice  Bike station – 2 mechanic doing cycle safety check, maintenance and repairs

* info on roadworthiness & mechanic checks helps make sure bikes are safe to ride and reduce risk to employees

Our Workplace Membership Bundle is £25 per person (for 20 or more people) that's a 50% discount on membership.

Email for more information.

Why not book one of our lovely staff?

We've built successful long-term partnerships with clients such as the Wellcome Trust, GSK, Imperial College and Barratt Developments to increase cycling levels.

We can rate your organisation, identify any barriers you have to encouraging cycling and suggest improvements you could make. If you need to extend your cycle parking facilities we can help with our in-depth audits or with wider consultancy if required.


The Cycling Projects team builds on decades of cycling experience gained by the London Cycling Campaign. We offer the highest-quality advice and to you, your staff and customers and your business. We have worked with hundreds of organisations across London to increase cycling and advised them on making facilities better.