Workplace cycling

Book our fantastic staff for people who cycle at your workplace!

How about a London Cycling Workshop? Often run as a lunchtime session - where expert staff and cycle trainers come to you and outline the skills and knowledge needed for confident urban cycling. Or one of our London Cycling Mechanics - are a great way to reward cyclists and make sure everyone’s bikes are safe roadworthy.

Workplace Membership Bundle £24.50 per person (for 10 or more people) 50% discount on membership for 10 or more people from the same workplace. Email for more information.

Why not book one of our lovely staff?

We've built successful long-term partnerships with clients such as the Wellcome Trust, Nokia, Imperial College and Barratt Developments.

We can rate your organisation, identify any barriers you have to encouraging cycling and suggest improvements you could make. If you need to extend your cycle parking facilities we can help with our in-depth audits or with wider consultancy if required.


The Cycling Projects team builds on decades of cycling experience gained by the London Cycling Campaign. We offer the highest-quality advice and to you, your staff and customers and your business. We have worked with hundreds of organisations across London to increase cycling and advised them on making facilities better.