Expert advice to help you maximise cycling and save your staff and organisation money

Our experts can advise on how to maximise cycling at your organisation and save your staff and the business money

Encouraging cycling in an organisation has benefits for the employer and employees from improving staff health and well-being to reducing costs on providing car parking spaces. Encouraging sustainable transport can also help you fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility targets and create a pleasant working environment.

Our Workplace Cycling Audits will advise on any policy and infrastructure changes to your organisation to encourage cycling.

Our Cycle Parking Audits focus on what you need to do to provide useful and secure cycle parking in and around your organisation for staff, visitors and customers. 

What are the benefits?

We use proven methods to encourage more of your employees to cycle to and from work. Often it only takes a small catalyst to shift travel behaviour within an organisation and we can identify the barriers that stop people cycling.

Increasing the number of cycling staff improves the health and vitality of your organisation, and has been shown to reduce the total number of staff sick days. It also makes your organisation an attractive place to work and potential top-employees may be discouraged by poor cycling facilities.

Regular cycling also saves your staff money; with an annual zone 1-4 travel card costing more than £1700 that's a significant saving.

Providing secure cycle parking for staff, visitors and customers will encourage people not to leave their bike at home. Installing good cycle parking can also reduce the cost of providing car parking - a single car parking space can park up to 12 bikes. However, installing the wrong cycle parking discourages cyclists, and can be costly to remove and replace.

What do we provide?

Our cycling expert will visit your organisation to talk to you, your staff and key decision-makers. They will assess the current cycling culture and facilities, and use their experience to decide where lies the greatest potential for cycling.

Then we provide you with a thorough analysis of our findings, with recommendations including initiatives to encourage your staff to cycle and guidance as to why and where to locate cycle facilities.

If you require just the cycle parking audit our expert will thoroughly inspect your workplace, premises or housing to advise how to get the best out of whatever space you have.

Our full-site inspection examines existing cycle parking provision, and analyses the extent to which it can be improved for capacity or security, as well as identifying other potential locations inside and outside the building.

We compile a full written report outlining the options available, including prices and detailed technical plans where appropriate.

Your audit gives you all the information you need to understand potential of your premises, the financial impact of any changes, and presents a proven business case for change.

What our clients say...

"Our Cycle Parking Audit allowed the Workspace Group to get its cycle parking facilities just right. The end result is many more tenants cycling to work, and we can now proudly say that we are contributing to a healthier London,"

Claire Dracup, Group Business Centre Manager,

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