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Patron Network

Change the future of cycling in London

Our patrons are group of highly passionate supporters and an integral part of LCC. If you could help fundraise for us, help us make connections, and ultimately help us get some major projects off the ground – we’d love to hear from you.

What we offer you

We ensure our patrons directly experience our campaigns and projects .

We share updates on the inner workings of our campaigning, including behind-the-scenes meetings and political work. We offer regular opportunities to network and make new connections from across London, both with other patrons and those who benefit from our work.

What next

Patron network seed-funding has enabled major projects to get off the ground. Our patrons’ insights have given LCC unique access to grants, trusts and more. Our patrons’ value goes far beyond the financial: our network have opened their address books; given us venue opportunities; chaired crucial meetings, and spoken up for what we believe in.

Next we want our patrons to help build alliances with businesses, showing the commercial and social benefits of better cycling infrastructure, and ensuring a groundswell of support that decision-makers can’t ignore. We’re also in the process of building a cycling in tech community – find out more here.

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It's been a delight working with LCC

LCC’s values are closely aligned with my own and it’s been a delight working on campaigns that have seen some great results.

Sandy Rattray, CIO of Man Group plc


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