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Children and parents as a family with a cargo bike at LCC event


The London Cycling Campaign takes the issue of Safeguarding very seriously. We have developed policy and guidance which everyone running activities on behalf of the charity is expected to read and adhere to, so that we remain an open, welcoming and inclusive organisation whilst still meeting our obligations to protect children and vulnerable adults.

LCC’s Designated Safeguarding Lead is Stewart Dring (Behaviour Change and Diversity & Inclusion Manager, and member of the Senior Management Team). You can contact him and raise any safeguarding issues or concerns by contacting the LCC office or e-mail safeguarding@lcc.org.uk – this e-mail is monitored outside of office hours.

Our full Safeguarding Policy & Guidance may be downloaded below. Additional resources for LCC local groups can be found here.

Local Groups

All local group coordinators should have had safeguarding training in the last three years – this can be on-line or face to face training through LCC approved training suppliers. Training should cover basic safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults as well as LCC’s Safeguarding Policies and Procedures. Training for other local group volunteers is possible. Any questions or to arrange training just e-mail safeguarding@lcc.org.uk

LCC local groups should note that they may only allow people under the age of 18 to participate in their activities (such as group meetings and led rides) if they are accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or other person with equivalent responsibility for them such as a teacher or youth worker. Groups may only allow vulnerable adults to participate in these activities if they are accompanied by a carer or support worker to assist with their everyday needs. If you are an officer of an LCC local group please make sure your group adheres to all relevant sections of the above policy and guidance.

Forms and guidance to assist LCC local groups to run their activities in compliance with this policy are currently in development and will be posted below as they are signed off.

Local Group Coordinator Safeguarding Checklist

Safeguarding Incident Reporting Form.

General Incident Reporting Form

It is good practice to get consent from adults to use their images outlining how and where they will be used. You MUST get consent to use images from children under 18 and adults at risk from a parent or guardian. See Campaigning Resources for consent forms.