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Two children sit in a cargo bike on a sunny day at a Space for Cycling event. Their parents are squatting next to the bike and the dad is giving a thumbs up to the camera.


The London Cycling Campaign takes the issue of Safeguarding very seriously. We have developed policy and guidance which everyone running activities on behalf of the charity is expected to read and adhere to, so that we remain an open, welcoming and inclusive organisation whilst still meeting our obligations to protect children and vulnerable adults.

LCC’s Designated Safeguarding Lead is Stewart Dring (Cycling Projects Manager and member of the Senior Management Team). You can contact him and raise any safeguarding issues or concerns by contacting the LCC office or e-mail safeguarding@lcc.org.uk – this e-mail is monitored outside of office hours.

Our full Safeguarding Policy & Guidance may be downloaded below. Additional resources for LCC local groups can be found here.