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Corporate Membership

At LCC, we're experts in encouraging cycling among staff. Our membership packages can suit organisations of all different shapes and sizes.

Working together to support cycling

Partnering with LCC can help emphasise your commitment to the health and well-being of your team and improving cycling throughout the city. It can also offer evidence that you’re helping take on the big issues that affect everyone – tackling the climate emergency; reducing air pollution; and creating streets, spaces and places that enhance the lives of Londoners.

We help organisations of all types and sizes tackle the barriers and challenges to getting more people cycling to work.


Workplace membership

Workplace membership is a great way to encourage and support active and sustainable travel to and from the workplace.

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Group membership

Preferential rates on LCC membership for groups of cyclists who work together.

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Strategic Partners

Position your organisation as a leader in delivering a healthier, happier, more sustainable London.

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