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Strategic Partnership

Position your organisation as a leader in delivering a healthier, happier, more sustainable London.

Our partners provide direct support to campaigning and community work and help us ensure London continues to be an attractive, influential, global cycling city. Partnership packages can be aligned to your organisation’s objectives to focus on advocacy, community engagement or behaviour change work.

We have specialist knowledge of the challenges facing schools and academies; hospitals and the health sector; and property developers and landowners. Please ask us about partnership options.

How strategic partnership benefits your organisation

Partnerships and are promoted extensively throughout the year with dedicated pages on the LCC website, shared social media plans, and communications in LCC's members' magazine and e-newsletter.


Your organisation will also access one of the following strategic benefits:


  • Strategic support - align your CSR, Active Travel, or Sustainability policies to LCC projects and position your organisation at the forefront of building a better London.
  • Consultancy services - workshops delivered by LCC’s experts on Climate Safe Streets and Active Travel.
  • Workplace cycling review - a bespoke plan to encourage and support safe, inclusive, sustainable cycling to your workplace.
  • Active travel advocacy - working with LCC to influence the cycling infrastructure and services provided in your local area, making it safer for your employees to cycle to your workplace.

    Pricing starts at £5000. Strategic benefits can be tailored to your specific needs.

How strategic partnership benefits your team

As a strategic partner all your employees will receive a 50% discount on individual LCC membership, which will mean they enjoy the following benefits:


  • Free third-party insurance
  • Discounts in more than 100 London bike shops
  • Free London Cyclist magazine
  • Reduced price on theft insurance
  • Legal advice and helpline in case they're ever involved in a collision
  • Access to the LCC team for Cycling advice and information
  • Membership of their local LCC group
  • Great savings and special offers with all these brands

Our Partners


Trek is LCC's first cycle trade strategic partner. They contributed to increasing cycle campaiging capacity, supported the Climate Safe Streets campaign and funded work to help make cycling accessible to a broader range of communities in London.
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Lime have been working with LCC to understand how shared micro-mobility (e-bikes and e-scooters) can work in London. They were an integral part of our Climate Safe Streets campaign and contributed speakers to an expert panel for a micro-mobility webinar.
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Osbornes Law

Osbornes are LCC's legal partner and offer all LCC members free cycling legal advice. They've helped countless members involved in collisions. Their cycling team is made up of approachable and experienced solicitors who are all keen cyclists.
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Pedal Me

Pedal Me collaborate with LCC to provide insight and identify barriers to carbon neutral cargo deliveries. We're working together to find sustainable delivery solutions that incorporate consolidation hubs and reduce reliance on motor vehicles.
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Bicycle Association

LCC is working with the Bicycle Association to highlight the economic, employment and environmental benefits of growing the bicycle economy to leaders and decision makers across London.
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Get In Touch

If you're interested in finding out more about working in partnership with LCC then please get in touch with our Cycling Services team.