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Strategic Partners

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Partner with us for a healthier, happier, more sustainable London

We work with community and business partners across London to deliver our shared aims of a better city. Ask us about partnership options for your organisation today.

Email us to find out more at cyclingprojects@lcc.org.uk


Business partners

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Trek were the first cycle trade strategic partner of London Cycling Campaign. Our ongoing partnership means Trek contribute to increasing our cycle campaigning capacity, support our Climate Safe Streets campaign and funded work to help make cycling accessible to a broader range of communities in London

Become a partner

Partners provide direct support to our campaigning & help us ensure London continues as an attractive, influential, global cycling city.

Community partnerships build strength across London to work together for a cycling city, sharing in-depth expertise of London’s cycling communities and enabling us to campaign more effectively across London.

Business partnerships enable you to position your organisation as a leader. We have specialist knowledge of the challenges facing sectors across London. Partnership packages can be tailored to align with your specific organisation-wide objectives on advocacy, community engagement or behaviour change work.

If you’re interested in finding out more about working in partnership, email cyclingprojects@lcc.org.uk today.


LCC and community groups work better in partnership

We want to work with other community groups to form partnerships where we support each other’s campaigning and behaviour change work. We want both parties to benefit from the arrangement and to help each other achieve  common aims and objectives. London Cycling Campaign aims for a London where everyone who wants to cycle, can do so – we do not want race, gender, poverty or anything else to be a barrier to that.

London Cycling Campaign recognises that there are groups under-represented in cycling and we want these voices to be stronger in both our community, and cycle campaigning as a whole. We also recognise as larger organisation we can help community groups to  develop their campaigning expertise, knowledge and experience.

How our business partnerships benefit your organisation

Our business partnerships are promoted extensively throughout the year through our website, shared social media plans, and communications in our members’ magazine and e-newsletter.

Your organisation will also access one of the following strategic benefits:

  • Strategic support – align your CSR, Active Travel, or Sustainability policies to LCC projects and position your organisation at the forefront of building a better London.
  • Consultancy services – workshops delivered by LCC’s experts on Climate Safe Streets and Active Travel.
  • Workplace cycling review – a bespoke plan to encourage and support safe, inclusive, sustainable cycling to your workplace.
  • Active travel advocacy – working with LCC to influence the cycling infrastructure and services provided in your local area, making it safer for your employees to cycle to your workplace.

Pricing starts at £5000 and our partnership packages can be tailored to your specific needs to align with your organisation-wide objectives on advocacy, community engagement or behaviour change work.

How our business partnerships benefits your team

As a strategic business partner all your employees will receive a 50% discount on individual LCC membership, which will mean they enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free third-party liability insurance
  • Free expert cycling legal support from our specialist cycling solicitors if ever needed
  • Discounts on services and repairs in more than 100 London bike shops
  • Discounts on cycle insurance, for both damage and theft
  • Free quarterly London Cyclist magazine
  • Reduced price on theft insurance
  • Brand discounts on top retailers across cycling
  • Membership of their local LCC group for community and support

Partnerships in action

Londra Bisiklet Kulübü is a project based in Edmonton helping Turkish and Kurdish community members get cycling. In 2022, we helped link up their volunteers with a donation of over 160 bikes.

Londra Bisiklet Kulübü and our London Cycling Campaign volunteers in Haringey and Enfield have also teamed up to campaign for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods across north London.


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