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Terms & Conditions

The Share The Joy Fund exists to support organisations who want to help promote cycling in London. We want to fund organisations and projects that help more people cycle.

We will fund core costs, project costs or new equipment, with most grants around £2500.

The first funding round will open in October 2024, with three more before the end of 2025.

The fund is a new partnership initiative from London Cycling Campaign and Lime with support from Loud Mobility.

You can see examples of organisations funded through the fund launch in the Share the Joy coffee table book here.

Eligible Organisations

To be eligible an organisation must operate within Greater London and be one of the following groups:

  • A community group (an organisation or association of persons with the primary aim of working to provide services and benefits to the community)
  • A charitable or third sector organisation
  • A not-for-profit organisation, Community Interest Company (CIC) or Social Enterprise

Note – London Cycling Campaign local groups are not eligible to apply directly but we would encourage partnership working. Also showing links with your wider local cycling community will help your application.

If your organisation does not fit easily into one of the above groups you still may be eligible for funding. The fund wants to help groups that find it difficult to get funding from other sources.

To receive a grant directly you will need a bank account set up in your organisation’s name. If your organisation does not have this, there are alternatives such as working with another organisation or LCC buying goods or services on your behalf. Please get in touch and talk to use about how we can support you with your application sharethejoy@lcc.org.uk

Application Criteria

Organisations will need to demonstrate that their project meets certain criteria:

  • The organisation must be eligible (see above)
  • The proposal must encourage cycling amongst underrepresented groups within Greater London
  • The proposal must show how it will encourage people to take up everyday cycling. Your project should show how it helps infrequent, lapsed or new cyclists cycle more.
  • The proposal must fit within one of three categories below. A project may fit multiple categories and these will be further defined once the next round of applications is open.
    • Health & Wellbeing
    • Accessibility & Inclusion
    • Skills & Connectivity

And finally, your project should show how it is part of your local cycling community – for example please show if you have links with your local LCC group or another cycling community organisation. If you don’t have these then get in touch and we can help.

Applications will be assessed on:

  • A clear explanation of the impact of your organisation or project
    • If you are applying for funding to support your organisations general costs, you must demonstrate the impact of your general work
    • If you applying for project costs, or for new kit,  you must show how they will help people to cycle
  • A clear explanation of the existing skills and resources of your organisation
  • If applying for kit or services you should show that you have contacted suppliers and have recent quotes. We can support you to do this.
Amount of grant and funding period

Most Share the Joy Grants will be up to £2500 – you may only receive one grant in the funding round from September 2024 to January 2026. If you are successful you may not apply again.

Funds will be made available in four funding rounds in November 2024, March 2025, July 2025 & November 2025.

The funding must be spent within 6 months of award of the grant.

Submitting an application

You will need to fill out an application form – this will be made available in Autumn 2024 ahead of the first open round of funding in November 2024.

You can register your interest here and be added to the mailing list and if you have any questions please do get in touch with us at Sharethejoy@lcc.org.uk

Share the Joy Terms & Conditions


Monitoring the outcome of is an essential requirement of all grant funded projects. The information will understand the impact of the grants and help improve the fund to achieve its objectives.

All projects must be able to produce a report that shows how the grant is spent and how the stated objectives in the application have been met. This report could be a short written document with text and photos or a short film. The information you provide will be used to help promote the fund and you can use it to help promote your organisation.

LCC and the funders retain the right to request proof that funding is being spent in line with the fund’s terms and conditions and may carry out a site visit to check the funds are being spent in line with the application.

Failure to provide this information may result in the funding being withdrawn.

Any photos or film produced must be cleared for use in publications and on the web.

Please make sure you have explicit permission from the people who are clearly recognisable and make sure you keep a record of this.

Obtaining & Managing Bicycles

Any cycles or associated equipment must be shared amongst several users and be easy for your audience to access. Any money made from hiring out a cycle must be reinvested into the project.

You must make sure that any cycles are well maintained by someone who has been trained in bicycle maintenance. Training somebody might be one of the things you use this funding for.

Any shared cycles must have the relevant public liability insurance and this could be part of your funding application.

Cycles will be the property of the organisation that is awarded the funding and it is their responsibility to insure and maintain them for the duration of the project. Any bikes or equipment cannot be sold within one year of the funding being received without the express permission of the funder.

LCC retain the right to reclaim any cycles if the organisation fails to deliver or breaks the terms and conditions of the fund. Bikes will be allocated to another project or organisation.

If LCC buys a cycle on your behalf we will transfer ownership to your organisation and will not be responsible for the cycle after that point.

The above also applies to any other cycle kit purchased as part of the fund.

Payment of Grant

You will be notified of your grant by e-mail. LCC will perform checks before the grant is transferred – you will need to provide evidence that your bank account belongs to your organisation or an agreed third-party organisation. LCC will provide guidance on this.

LCC reserves the right to request proof that the funds are being spent in line with the terms and conditions of this project. LCC reserves the right to withhold any funding until it is satisfied that it will be spent in line with the terms and conditions.


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