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Blog post: Cyclists in central London warned to beware two dangerous bag-snatchers on a motorbike

Londoners are being warned to beware of two men on a motorbike who have committed a series of violent robberies against cyclists, snatching bags from cyclists as they're going along, taking valuables and putting the riders in danger. Emma, a 25-y...

Blog post: Transport for London ignores increases in road danger, making motorbikes in bus lanes permanent

Despite three years of trials showing increased danger, Transport for London is going ahead with its plans to allow motorbikes to permanently use red-route bus lanes in line with Mayor Boris Johnson's 2008 election promise. The report on the ...

Discussion: Witnesses needed Old st 10-5-2011

Three weeks ago now, one of our members was hit by a motocycle on Old st. roundabout at about 5.30 pm, Tuesday 10th May. The biker didn't stop so he needs witnesses - can anyone help?