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Blog post: JOB: Could you be the new Digital and Social Media Campaigner at the London Cycling Campaign?

Digital/Social Media Campaignerneg hours per week for 8 weeks£6k project rate We're looking for an experienced digital and social media campaigner to work at the heart of our Space for Cycling campaign, engaging with our 20,000 Twitt...

Blog post: London Cyclist Weekly: the latest news, rides and events, products and social media

London Cyclist Weekly 23 May 2013 London Cyclist Weekly 16 May 2013  

Blog post: Office volunteers: could you help grow the voice of cycling in Greater London?

Do you want to help grow the voice of cycling in London? Gain some useful not-for-profit work experience? Find out more about campaigning from the inside? If so, perhaps you're the right person to volunteer for one of the roles below? All...