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‘Share the Joy’ fund launch with Lime

LCC launches £100,000 community cycling fund in partnership with Lime to increase cycling within underrepresented groups

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General election 2024: Government & Mayor match

UK election returns a Labour government to match London’s Labour Mayor – what does that mean for the capital & cycling? Good things, we hope.

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From LCC to London MPs

London’s next MPs, please support active travel if you're elected July 4…

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Bank junction: taxis fight again for access

Taxis want to drive through Bank all hours and some in the City support them, it's a terrible idea

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Join A Summer Cycle Ride

Bring friends, bring family, have fun! Register now for free-of-charge, group cycle rides all over London this summer. Open to everyone.


Report of LCC Women's Network Freedom To Ride / What Stops Women Cycling In London? report showing woman in forgreound on folding bicycle with fist raised and mask over face, in background other women cycling towards camera along a wide and empty road with Big Ben and Houses of Parliament to one side.

Women's Freedom

Less than one third of cycle trips in London are taken by women - we want to close the gap and unlock cycling for women.

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Dangerous Junctions

Most serious and fatal collisions happen at junctions – fixing them is one of the most important things we can do to make cycling in London safer.

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Tom Bogdanowicz with Direct Vision lorry

End Lorry Danger

Lorries drive just 4% of vehicle miles in London but are involved in over half of fatal collisions with cyclists. We campaign to design out danger.

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Our legal partner Osbornes Law is on hand to offer advice to all LCC members. If you ever need legal advice on a cycling matter, don’t hesitate to contact Osbornes.


LCC is highly effective because it's supported by 12,000 members. If you cycle in London please consider joining today. You'll be supporting our work and you'll get a huge range of benefits in return.


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