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Cycling Advice

Expert tips and advice from our team across London. Whatever your question, we're here to help keep the wheels turning.


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We’re here to help keep the wheels turning

Whether you’re new to cycling, or looking to hone your skills, we’re on hand with advice from our team of experts. And if you have a question about cycling in London, you know who to ask…


Planning safe cycle routes

There’s an increasingly large network of safe and pleasant cycling routes in London using cycleways, bike lanes (many built thanks to LCC campaigning) and quiet back routes that keep you away from busy motor traffic.

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Our top tips for cycling in London

LCC has been helping people to cycle for more than 40 years and we’re here to help you.

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Taking your bike on the tube

To travel further or get home after a breakdown, it's worth knowing how and when you can travel with your bike.

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Build your cycle skills

Build up your skills and take advantage of free cycle training, plus details of community projects and resources to build your confidence.

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What to do after a collision

We hope you're never involved in a collision, but if the unfortunate should occur while cycling, our legal partner have this advice.

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How to Cycle Safely around Lorries

Although collisions are rare, lorries present the greatest risk to life for cyclists in London. What can be done and what can you do to stay safe?

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How to Report a Vehicle Blocking a Cycle Lane

Looking to report an illegally parked vehicle blocking a cycle lane? It's easy to do, so read the article and find out how.

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Are bikes allowed on the Elizabeth Line?

The central section of the Elizabeth Line (Crossrail as was) is now open with off-peak cycle carriage permitted - what does that mean for you?

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What counts as a legal e-bike?

There are strict power and speed limits on “e-bikes” - anything that goes faster without you pedalling is a motorbike.

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Stop your bike getting stolen

Having your bike stolen in London is a real risk and preventing it is a combination of where and how you lock it up.

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How to check your bike is safe to ride

It’s really important to make sure your bike is safe to ride, especially if it hasn't been used in a while.

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Buying a Bike Second Hand

Finding your perfect second-hand bike can be a real challenge - here are our tips on what to check and how to be a savvy buyer

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How to Clean a Bicycle Chain

A clean chain means smoother shifting and less wear on other parts. Here's how to give your chain a thorough clean.

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Winter Cycling

There’s no need to stop cycling in the winter months – here's how you can stay warm, dry and visible.

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Ebike Batteries - tips on buying, safety and care

Avoid ebike battery fire problems - buy your ebike from a reputable dealer and follow our charging guide

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Our established legal partner Osbornes Law have put together this guide on what to do if you witness or are directly involved in a collision.


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