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Cycle insurance

LCC members can claim 20% off Yellow Jersey cycle insurance policies, rising to 30% on renewal.

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Cycle Insurance for LCC members

LCC have partnered with leading bicycle insurance specialists Yellow Jersey to offer all members 20% off all their cycle insurance policies, rising to 30% on renewal.

Your LCC membership automatically includes third party liability insurance while you are out cycling. This is vital cover when cycling in London as it protects you should you accidentally injure another person or their property while riding your bike. However, it does not cover your bicycle for theft or damage.

LCC members can use the partnership with Yellow Jersey to get discounted bicycle insurance.

About Yellow Jersey

Yellow Jersey offer three tiers of bicycle insurance to cover your equipment when riding anywhere in the world.

The Essentials policy includes all of the cover you’ll want for riding in and around London. Theft cover while your bike is locked up (with an approved lock!) and accidental damage cover in case you have a crash. Upgrading to the Performance or Ultimate tiers will add cover for riding sportives or racing, and cover for your bikes in Europe or Worldwide for those who like to travel.

Insurance is available annually with short-term options for 5, 10, 17, or 30 days if you just need cover for a short period, or for a holiday just to cover the time you need.

How much can I save on bicycle insurance with LCC?

All LCC members can get 20% off their cycle insurance – on both annual and short-term policies. They also offer LCC members 30% off when renewing annual bicycle insurance policies.

Yellow Jersey apply a 60% multi-bike discount and allow you to add any bicycle from your household to the policy.

Travel Insurance

Alongside their award-winning cycle insurance, Yellow Jersey also provide comprehensive travel insurance, including cycle & winter sports cover.

LCC members can claim 10% off travel insurance, rising to 15% on renewal.


Should the worst happen and you have to make a claim, Yellow Jersey’s dedicated claims handling team is staffed by knowledgeable cyclists who will strive to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Yellow Jersey

Claim your 20% off via the link below or join as a member and unlock all the great benefits and support our work to make London a world class cycling city.


By claiming this exclusive Yellow Jersey partnership discount, you're supporting the work of London Cycling Campaign. Thanks to our 12,000 members, we make cycling in London safer and more enjoyable for everyone.


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