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Liability Insurance for LCC members

LCC members are protected by third-party liability insurance up to £5 million

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Cycle with peace of mind

All LCC members, including corporate and household members, automatically receive third party liability insurance of up to £5 million per incident.

Third party liability insurance covers losses to third parties arising from a cyclist’s own negligence. 

As an LCC member, our policy will cover you for these costs, for up to £5 million, for every incident. Being insured now is the safest way to avoid issues later.


  • If you cycle into the back of a car causing damage to the vehicle, third party liability insurance will pick up the repair bill and any associated legal costs for both you and the vehicle owner.
  • If you accidentally cycle through a red light and knock down a pedestrian causing injury, the insurance will meet the damages claim for that person’s injuries up to £5 million, including their legal bills, healthcare and rehabilitation costs, and other factors such as loss of earnings.

There have been a handful of high-profile cases of people facing large costs after cycling without insurance. Robert Hazeldean made headlines in 2020 when he faced personal liability costs of over £100,000 for colliding with a pedestrian who walked out in front of him while looking at her mobile phone. Robert did not have third party liability insurance, and the county court civil case was eventually settled for £30,000 with Robert crowdfunding his costs through a GoFundMe appeal. After the case, Robert made a plea: “If you cycle, get insurance.”


When you are covered

Our insurance covers all current LCC members, including all within a household membership package or corporate workplace membership, when cycling anywhere in the world except the USA or Canada. It covers you even if you are unwell or injured and includes people living with a long-term disability – in all cases unless you have been advised against cycling by your doctor. Our insurance covers you riding all types of cycles (road bikes, Dutch bikes, hybrid-style bikes, unicycles, tandems, trikes, handcycles, cargo cycles, adapted cycles, and more) so long as you need to pedal/handcycle for the device to move. This includes legal cycles with electronic assist while you are also pedalling/hand-cycling, so long as they do not have throttles (see below).

What it does not cover

You are not covered if your doctor has specifically advised you against cycling. Competitive or race cycling, including combined sports like triathlons, or ‘professional’ cycling is not covered. If you are specifically employed as a cyclist e.g. a cycle courier or cycling instructor you are not covered while working. You are not covered when riding a bike where you do not need to cycle to move. So you are not covered while riding bikes with throttles, even if they are electric or have pedals, and even if you were pedalling/hand-cycling at the time. Riding bikes without pedals is not covered. We do not cover motorbikes.

How can I get covered for theft and accidental damage?

LCC membership includes liability insurance while you are riding your bike(s). However, liability insurance does not cover your bicycle for theft or accidental damage.

LCC have partnered with leading bicycle insurance specialists Yellow Jersey to offer all members 20% off all their bicycle insurance policies, rising to 30% on renewal.

Find out more here.

Read our full third party insurance terms and conditions here.

Please note: Third party liability insurance is not compulsory for cyclists, or people riding road-legal e-bikes. Third party liability insurance is only required for motorised transport users (including people riding e-scooters and other powered transporters), as well as people driving cars and motorbikes.

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The insurance was just brilliant

My daughter crashed her bike into a parked car, and did some damage. It was very upsetting – she was very distressed, and the car driver wasn’t particularly pleasant. LCC's insurance was just brilliant. They sorted the whole thing out, and they paid for everything, and they made the problem go away. It was such a load off our minds.

London Cycling Campaign household member

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Cyclists are far more likely to be the victims of accidents than the cause. In these cases you don't need insurance – you need a good lawyer. All LCC members benefit from our partnership with expert cycling lawyers Osborne's Law.


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