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Campaigning Tools

How to campaign more effectively - council relations, running your group, and more

Engaging Decision Makers

Top tips and strategies for building trust and persuading decision makers

Media & Communications

Social media, press releases, logos and more

Rides and Events

How to organise a successful and safe event, from cycle rides to festivals

Campaigning Aims

Why we get out of bed in the morning - what we work for, what we aim for

Stats, Studies and Reports

The latest studies and information to help you lay out a clear case for cycling in your borough

Running a Local Group

How to set up and run your local group for maximum engagement and impact

For Councillors and Officers

Useful information from the decision-makers' side


Campaign guides

Building political will

Political will is the key to getting your council to act on cycling and active travel. But what is political will, what does it look like and how do you get it?

Councillors & officers

One on one cycle rides & walks

A brief cycle ride, or even a walk and talk with councillors, particularly cabinet portfolio holder or ideally party/council leaders, can be a transformative way of changing the dynamics of a relationship…

The Pathway Approach

The Pathway Approach

An introduction to the Pathway Approach, a journey any area takes from no delivery on active travel to a complete and coherent approach to transport, is there to help campaigners focus efforts.


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