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Campaigning Aims

Why we get out of bed in the morning - what we work for, what we aim for

Road danger reduction

Speeding, lorry design, construction standards, good enforcement - all these impact the wider road environment and people's safety. Here's our work so far and how you can campaign to design out road danger.

Shared mobility

What is shared mobility? And where to find more information about it

Dockless e-bikes

LCC believes the massive increase of dockless e-bikes in London is positive overall and is leading to new audiences and communities cycling in London and triggering mode shift from less sustainable modes. But there have been issues around their rollout. Here's our take on how to address these.

Soft measures

Soft measures are things other than infrastructure that get more people cycling. But where do cycle training, loan bikes, cycle parking fit in campaigning?

Intro to infrastucture schemes

Infrastructure schemes are the core of building a network of safe cycle routes in your borough and should be the first priority of your campaigning. This resource explains what the key types of schemes for building a cycle network are.

Bus Gates

What is a 'bus gate', what does it look like, and how does it work?

15-minute cities

A 15-minute city is an urban planning concept where most amenities people need to access (schools, shops, doctors, parks) are a 15-minute walk, cycle or bus ride away. How do they fit in with your campaigning?