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Running a Local Group

How to set up and run your local group for maximum engagement and impact

LCC policy positions

A list of the key LCC policy positions. This is particularly useful for LCC local groups to understand to ensure their campaigning is in line with LCC campaigning.

LCC Political Neutrality

Campaigning is a large part of the organisation’s day to day work, but as a charity, there are certain laws and rules staff, volunteers and local group activists must follow.

How to manage local group finances

Everything LCC groups need to know about managing their group finances as well as a simple way to raise funds for your group at events.

Communicating within your group

Inspiration to help identify what works best for you and your members.

LCC Local Group Newsletter Civi Guide

Your comprehensive guide to making and sending newsletters via our LCC Civi database

Getting people to sign up to your LCC group newsletter

How to sign individuals up to your newsletter, with links or QR codes, and how to sign up lots of people at once (great for events!)

Recruiting and retaining volunteers

If you want more active travel provisions in your local borough you won’t be able to do it alone. A healthy, diverse group will be the key to getting the change you desire.

Diversifying your group

You want your campaigning to benefit everyone, not just specific demographic groups. The best way to do this is by ensuring your group is diverse and representative of your borough or area so that you have insight from people of different backgrounds into your campaigning.

Make your group meetings more welcoming

There are lots of things you can do to ensure your meetings are welcoming. You want to consider where you hold your meetings, what you cover and where you promote them.

Using online meeting tools

If you hold your meetings online, you have a few options for tools to use. Here's our review of them.

LCC Coordinator's Handbook

All the information you need to know about running an LCC local group in one place, as well as where you can go for support and further guidance.

Best practice for group coordinators

As a coordinator, we ask you to do a few key tasks, as you are the link between LCC and your local group. Here's our top tips.


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