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Social media

Social media tips

Want get more reach with your social media? Here are some tips.


LCC Local groups social media branding

How to brand your local group on social media

Press media

Communicating with the Media

This can be one of the most daunting things about campaigning, but talking to the press can influence politicians and bring on board the public.


Recruiting and retaining volunteers

If you want more active travel provisions in your local borough you won’t be able to do it alone. A healthy, diverse group will be the key to getting the change you desire.

The Pathway Approach

Pathway: Stage 1 - Get Help

How to campaign - if your group is just you and a few others, and your borough is barely acting on active travel, climate etc. then you need more help. Here's how.

For coordinators

LCC Coordinator's Handbook

All the information you need to know about running an LCC local group in one place, as well as where you can go for support and further guidance.


Promoting your group at events

Promoting your group at events is a great opportunity to reach a larger audience and can even lead to getting more people involved in your campaign.


Putting events on the LCC website

How to put events on the LCC website and organise ticketing

Council leader

Getting your council leader on board

The council leader is the person every campaigner most needs to ensure understands the importance of action on cycling, walking, and mode shift away from cars. The council leader signs off on schemes and budgets and policy and action in basically nearly every case.

Schemes & infrastructure

Responding to new schemes

A new scheme lands in your borough, or you hear about it coming. What should you do? This guide looks at what considerations to take when assessing new schemes and how to respond to consultations.


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