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Campaign guides

Maintaining momentum

Schemes have started coming, you're building good relations with a few key councillors and officers but change can be undone, politicians can falter or lose their position, and it can be as easy to take a step back as forward. What should you do when this happens?


LCC photo library

There is a library of photos just for London Cycling Campaign volunteers and campaigners.


LCC photo and image guidance

Photos can help tell your borough's story and promote your work. Here's how to correctly collect and use them.

For coordinators

LCC Coordinator's Handbook

All the information you need to know about running an LCC local group in one place, as well as where you can go for support and further guidance.

The Pathway Approach

Pathway: Stage 3 - Critical Friend

How to campaign - if your council is starting to deliver schemes that upset drivers and the council is moving forward despite that, it's time to get coherent and balance your group’s public support with a private push to improve schemes. Here's how.


Recruiting and retaining volunteers

If you want more active travel provisions in your local borough you won’t be able to do it alone. A healthy, diverse group will be the key to getting the change you desire.


Putting events on the LCC website

How to put events on the LCC website and organise ticketing


Diversifying your group

You want your campaigning to benefit everyone, not just specific demographic groups. The best way to do this is by ensuring your group is diverse and representative of your borough or area so that you have insight from people of different backgrounds into your campaigning.


Getting people to sign up to your LCC group newsletter

How to sign individuals up to your newsletter, with links or QR codes, and how to sign up lots of people at once (great for events!)

Schemes & infrastructure

Using technical guidance

When your borough starts showing ambition and putting out good schemes, you can start holding them to account on various technical guidance to improve their quality. This guide will help you assess schemes using technical guidance.


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