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LCC policies

LCC policy positions

A list of the key LCC policy positions. This is particularly useful for LCC local groups to understand to ensure their campaigning is in line with LCC campaigning.

Campaigning Aims

Dockless e-bikes

LCC believes the massive increase of dockless e-bikes in London is overall positive and is leading to new audiences and communities cycling in London and triggering mode shift from less sustainable modes. But there have been issues around their rollout, here's our take on how to address these.

Events • Flyers and printed materials

LCC Branded event marketing materials

If you’re organising an event or have been invited to attend one, it’s a good idea to have some LCC branded marketing materials. Here's what we've got on offer...

Campaigning Aims

Shared mobility

What is shared mobility? And where to find more information about it


LCC Event And Rides Guidance

What you need to know to organise LCC events and rides.

For coordinators

LCC Coordinator's Handbook

All the information you need to know about running an LCC local group in one place, as well as where you can go for support and further guidance.

Schemes & infrastructure

Using technical guidance

When your borough starts showing ambition and putting out good schemes, you can start holding them to account on various technical guidance to improve their quality. This guide will help you assess schemes using technical guidance.


Putting events on the LCC website

How to put events on the LCC website and organise ticketing

LCC policies • Engaging Decision Makers

LCC Political Neutrality

Campaigning is a large part of the organisation’s day to day work, but as a charity, there are certain laws and rules staff, volunteers and local group activists must follow.

Council leader

Meeting with your council leader

Tips on how to make the most out of a meeting with your council leader.


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