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Media & Communications

Social media, press releases, logos and more

LCC photo library

There is a library of photos just for London Cycling Campaign volunteers and campaigners.

LCC photo and image guidance

Photos can help tell your borough's story and promote your work. Here's how to correctly collect and use them.

LCC Brand Guidelines

Our LCC brand guidelines - how to use our logo and more

LCC Local groups social media branding

How to brand your local group on social media

Social media tips

Want get more reach with your social media? Here are some tips.

Designing campaigning materials

If you need to design campaigning materials, your best bet is to find a volunteer who is good at design but if there isn't a designer in your group, there are many helpful online resources to get you started.

LCC Branded event marketing materials

If you’re organising an event or have been invited to attend one, it’s a good idea to have some LCC branded marketing materials. Here's what we've got on offer...

Flyering dos and don'ts

Flyering can be a really brilliant way of engaging with local cyclists (and people walking and wheeling) and drumming up support for your group and/or campaigns. Here are some basic tips to get it right…

Communicating with the Media

This can be one of the most daunting things about campaigning, but talking to the press can influence politicians and bring on board the public.

Writing a press release

A press release is a short written announcement of a story or event, which is sent to the news media, in the hope they'll print your story or ask you for an interview. Here's how to make yours stand out from the crowd.