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A man looking at his phone while taking a bike on the train

Taking your bike on the tube

How and where can you take your bike with you on the London Underground network?


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Want to squeeze your mountain bike on the tube at rush hour? Forget it. But there are times and ways you can get most bicycles round London on the tube.

Note – you cannot take bicycles onto moving escalators anywhere on the TfL network so do leave enough time to use lifts and step-free routes.

Folded bicycles

Folded bicycles can be taken free of charge on the tube at all times.

Non-folding bicycles

Non-folding cycles can be taken free of charge on some sections of the tube outside peak times. Peak times are 07.30 – 09.30 and 16.00 – 19.00, Monday to Friday, except for public holidays. In certain areas, as detailed on the map below, non-folding bicycles may also be taken during rush hour in the opposite direction to the majority of travellers.

See below or click here for all routes where a non-folding bike is permitted (remember on some lines, this is off-peak only)

Bicycles with batteries

TfL does allow road-legal e-bikes with batteries (folding or non-folding) on its network according to the conditions above. There is a ban on riding or carrying e-scooters or e-unicycles with batteries on the entire TfL network.  You can read more about what is classified as a road-legal e-bike on the UK Government website – for example, its electric motor must be power restricted to no more than 15.5mph.

Elizabeth Line Update

The new Elizabeth Line will accept passengers with non-folding bikes on many of its off-peak service with no additional fare for the cycle. Check the exact times and routes that you are allowed to take your non-folding bike on the Elizabeth line here. All Elizabeth line stations are step free from street to platform with lift access.

If you have any queries about cycle carriage on the Elizabeth Line, email cycles@mtrel.co.uk.

Other public transport options

There are times where you want to combine cycling with another type of transport:

  • River services take bikes.
  • You and your bike can travel free of charge on the Emirates Air Line cable car before 9.30am Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).
  • Buses and trams do not take any bikes apart from folding cycles.

As a general guide, overground sections of the Underground, Overground Rail and the DLR permit off-peak cycle carriage as well as the new Elizabeth Line and DLR (but don’t expect to be allowed off at Bank due to safety concerns). There are some specific restrictions as well as a few peak time exceptions.

For non-TfL trains check any restrictions with the operator – you may need to book a place for your bike on any intercity or long distance services. Peak time services may be different to TfL’s so again, please check before you travel.

Special cases: sometimes TfL will do a whole-day bike ban for particular events. Note that for 2024 it is confirmed that TfL will not have a bike ban for the day of the London to Brighton cycle ride and normal policy for travelling with cycles will apply.

If you cannot take your bike on the route that you want there are cycle hire services across London so this might be an option worth considering.

What LCC wants to see improved

Public transport is often used with cycling. We want to see transport providers provide secure and accessible cycle storage both on the transport itself, and at transport premises. We want transport facilities and carriages themselves are accessible step-free, to enable people who use bikes because they find walking difficult and uncomfortable to combine their journeys across cycling and public transport.

Join LCC today and help us make it happen.

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