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Woman with bike next to friend at protest

Your Voice For A Cycling City

We campaign to make cycling in London safer and more enjoyable for everyone.


A group of Climate Safe Streets champions gathered around a cargo bike all wearing green tee shirts.


What’s the biggest thing London can do to tackle the climate emergency? Help people drive less and cycle, walk and wheel more. Discover our campaign for net zero-carbon roads in London by 2030.

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Dangerous Junctions tape with bus


Junctions are where almost all cycling deaths happen. Fixing them is the most important thing we can do to make cycling in London safer. Explore our new interactive map of London's worst junctions and how to fix them.

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Woman with Dutch bike and basket next to friend at LCC protest


Less than one third of cycle trips in London are taken by women - we want to close the gap and unlock cycling for women.

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London cycling numbers go wild

London cycling now a mainstream mode with 1.26m journeys cycled daily, a 4.5% share of all journeys, according to new TfL report.

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Skills Summit a success

LCC Community Skills Summit won hearts and minds with over 100 attendees skilling up their campaigning.

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London’s most dangerous junctions for cycling and walking mapped

New interactive map shows for the first time London's most dangerous junctions for cycling and walking by borough

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Gov announces “Plan for Drivers”

The government's new plan to boost driving convenience won't even pay off for drivers.

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Cycle Buddies

Cycle Buddies connects new and experienced cyclists, providing help and support to start cycling, build confidence, or take on new routes.

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Our legal partner Osbornes Law is on hand to offer advice to all LCC members. If you ever need legal advice on a cycling matter, don’t hesitate to contact Osbornes.


LCC is highly effective because it's supported by 12,000 members. If you cycle in London please consider joining today. You'll be supporting our work and you'll get a huge range of benefits in return.


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Man standing leaning on fixie bike