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People cycling next to canal in spring

Healthy Streets Scorecard

How is your borough doing on walking, cycling and “Healthy Streets” for its residents? We track their progress annually.

We are part of the team behind the Healthy Streets Scorecard, a way to compare progress across London boroughs.

Not every London borough is moving as fast as it needs to on walking and cycling to deal with the climate crisis and the health impacts that barriers to walking and cycling create. We are part of a coalition of active travel, air, green and health campaigns dedicated to enabling boroughs to do more, and holding them to account if they don’t.

Our team includes London Living Streets, Sustrans, the Campaign to Protect Rural England (London branch), RoadPeace, Possible, Wheels for Wellbeing, Future Transport London and Action Vision Zero.

“Nerd alert, but this is sterling work by the Healthy Streets Scorecard team…” Josiah Mortimer @josiahmortimer, City Hall Editor at My London

Healthy Streets Scorecard

You can use this scorecard to identify highlight areas for improvement and push your borough council on where their progress is slow.

You can also use it to identify good areas, and give praise to local councils on what's going well.

There are large variations in outcomes between inner and outer London boroughs, and by its nature, the scorecard only covers a limited number of metrics. So it isn’t designed for close borough vs borough score-keeping. We think the scorecard is most helpful as an aid to prioritise borough and campaigning action.

Discover your borough's score Go to this link