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Healthy Streets Scorecard

How is your borough doing on walking, cycling and “Healthy Streets” for its residents? We track their progress annually.

Borough Results

We campaign to ensure every London resident can cycle when and where they want to in comfort and safety. But not every London borough is moving as fast as it needs to on walking and cycling to deal with the climate crisis and the health impacts that barriers to walking and cycling create. We are part of a coalition of active travel, air, green and health campaigns dedicated to enabling boroughs to do more, and holding them to account if they don’t.

Our combined work is the Healthy Streets Scorecard – we recommend using the Scorecard to highlight areas in your borough where the council is progressing faster and slower, to give praise but also highlight areas for improvement. There are large variations in outcomes between inner and outer London boroughs, and by its nature, the scorecard only covers a limited number of metrics. So it isn’t designed for close borough vs borough score-keeping. It is helpful as an aid to prioritise borough and campaigning action.

How's Your Borough Doing?

London boroughs must implement key measures to cut carbon emissions, improve air quality and reduce road danger. How’s your borough doing on active travel and reducing car dominance?

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