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Road Justice

Our work around policing, dangerous driving, liability and the legal system.

Police enforcement

We work to ensure policing and the justice system actively work to reduce road danger and make London a better, safer place to cycle and walk. We work with the Met on close passing operations, while campaigning to increase resources and focus around criminal driving, cycle theft, and we campaign alongside other organisations on national roads justice issues such as prosecution and sentencing of dangerous drivers.

Close Passing

Being overtaken closely by fast or large vehicles can feel intimidating and be dangerous. In 2018 we launched our Stay Wider of the Rider Campaign to help combat the problem. You can use our “Stay wider of the rider” site to report where you have experienced close passes by drivers – and learn more about this issue. Since our campaign started, the Metropolitan Police work with LCC to identify close pass hotspots and to run publicity and enforcement operations.

Roads justice

Together with other organisations LCC shares the view that the entire system for investigating and prosecuting road incidents, judge and jury briefing, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) case approach, sentencing guidelines and the actual offences that motorists can commit, needs to be reviewed. We continue to work to ensure those killed and injured on our roads see justice.

We also share the view with other organisations, like RoadPeace and British Cycling, that Britain should adopt the ‘presumed liability’ approach to collisions that applies in most of Europe, which considers the less vulnerable road user to be liable, in civil cases, unless they can establish that the other party was at fault.

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