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Cycle Buddies Trish & Jo

Diversity & Inclusion

London Cycling Campaign’s mission is to promote cycling for the public benefit as outlined in our charitable aims. Our vision for London is a city that is a healthier, greener and happier place to live, where anyone who wants to cycle can do so safely and enjoyably on an inclusive, pollution-free, zero carbon road system. Making our city genuinely inclusive and enabling healthy travel for all requires designing our roads for safe cycling.

We recognise that access to cycling and its benefits is not equal. Different communities and people face additional barriers to taking up cycling. We aim to ensure that reducing those barriers is at the heart of our campaigning work.

To be genuinely effective in campaigning for all Londoners who want to cycle, we need to be representative of London at every level within our organisation; equality, diversity and inclusion must be integral to all we do.

However, we recognise that we are not there yet. We will strive to increase the diversity of our staff, trustees and volunteers to ensure our voice is strong and inclusive. We will empower all who represent London Cycling Campaign to engage positively within our organisation and actively involve and listen to the broader London community. By transforming the London Cycling Campaign in this way, we will maximise the effectiveness of our campaigning for the benefit of all Londoners.