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Cycle Buddies for Instructors

Our Cycle Buddies platform also enables people to search for a professional cycling instructor in their area. Find out more and get involved today.

Qualified cycling instructors can set up a profile on our Cycle Buddies platform.

New riders who set up a profile can contact you directly through the platform if they choose.

Instructors can then set up a paid lesson either through their local council’s booking system or a private session with the new rider.

Cycling instructor profiles on our Cycle Buddies platform cannot be used to search for new riders: the person seeking help is the only person who can search on the platform.


What qualifications do you recognise for cycling instructors?

At the moment, we only recognise Bikeability Trust/1st4Sport National Standards qualifications. You’ll need to provide your NSIQ or NISP number when you sign up. Your account will be verified by an admin against the Bikeability Trust register.

Why hasn’t my account been verified yet?

Once you’ve created your instructor account, an administrator will check your instructor qualifications against the database. These checks are currently being done around once a month so you may have to wait for your account to be verified.

What should I put in my profile to help others find me?

Your profile on our Cycle Buddies platform is your chance to introduce yourself to people.

Remember, you can’t search for them – they can only search for you – so make your profile clear and appealing.

Include a clear, friendly picture of yourself. Remember not to include photos of high-value items such as jewellery or high-end bikes. Make sure it’s the right way up!

Write a profile that shows what you can offer.

For example, maybe you speak certain languages or have particular local knowledge you want to share. Maybe you have experience of adapted bikes or riding with a particular disability. Maybe there is an aspect of your identity which might make a new rider be more comfortable with you, for example you ride with a Muslim women’s group, or cycle with your kids. Or maybe you just want to say what cycling means to you or your motivation for helping others become regular cyclists.

Give people the information and let them find you.

What about payments?

Cycling instructors should make their own payment arrangements with people. Cycling instructors can also volunteer their time if they choose.

For payment, we recommend that instructors use their local council cycle training arrangements: this way the lesson will be free to the client but the instructor will be paid by the council. If this is not possible then cycling instructors can offer privately paid sessions.

London Cycling Campaign is not responsible for prices, payments or collection of any money related to cycle training and does not offer advice on fees. Cycling instructors may consider joining the IWGB Cycling Instructors Branch or contacting them for advice.


Personal safety when meeting your Cycle Buddy

Once you connect with a Cycle Buddy on the platform, it is important to remember that you are dealing with a stranger – please follow our advice below:

  • Do not reveal your home or work address.
  • Arrange to meet in a busy public place that you are familiar with, in daylight, and at an agreed time.
  • Don’t share phone numbers or email addresses
  • If something doesn’t feel right, then make your excuses and leave. If you feel threatened or unsafe, call the police
  • Report any concerns using the platform or email cyclebuddies@lcc.org.uk

Feel free to contact the Cycle Buddies team at any time, on this email address. Please contact us right away if you have any concerns about any aspect of the scheme or the arrangements with your Buddy.

How does LCC hold and use my personal information?

Please see our Privacy Policy here.

Still can’t find the information you’re looking for?


Our Cycle Buddies platform enables people to search for a professional cycling instructor in their area. Find out more and get involved today.


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