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An unprecedented year In London cycling: LCC’s 2020 in review

London Cycling Campaign | 4th January 2021

2020 is over - it's been a challenging year for everyone. Because of LCC's campaigning, London has seen a huge surge in cycling. Here are some of the highlights from an unprecedented year in London cycling, and a short preview of our aims to make cycling safe, enjoyable, and accessible across all of London in 2021.

LCC wins trebling of protected cycle tracks from Sadiq Khan

In 2016 LCC won three commitments from Sadiq Khan - to remove the most dangerous lorries from London's streets, to make funding available for Liveable Neighbouhoods in every borough, and to treble the mileage of protected cycle tracks on London roads. In February the mayor announced that the last of these had been achieved, marking a significant departure from the “blue paint” era on London's main roads.


Read about the trebling of protected cycle tracks

Streetspace - Keeping London moving through the pandemic

LCC campaigned publicly and behind the scenes for emergency measures to help even more people cycle safely during the pandemic. The Streetspace programme that LCC supported eventually resulted in nearly 90km of cycle tracks, nearly 100 new 'Low Traffic Neighbourhoods', over 80km of bus lanes going 24/7, and over 300 new School Streets. This represents a radical leap forward for London streets - it's meant more people walking and cycling, it's helped maintain social distancing, and it's helped stave off a potentially disastrous car-led recovery to the pandemic.


Find out more about LCC's campaigning during the pandemic


Climate Safe Streets - LCC's most important campaign yet

In March we fired the starting gun on our mayoral election campaign by publishing our landmark Climate Safe Streets report. This is our manifesto for Climate Safe Streets and it sets out an urgent plan to de-carbonise London's road network by 2030. The groundbreaking report spans cycle tracks, shared mobility hubs, low-traffic neighbourhoods, smart road user charging, and much more.


Read about the Climate Safe Streets report here 

LCC Cycle Buddies supports new and returning cyclists

As lockdown eased, LCC’s local groups really came up trumps by launching Cycle Buddies schemes all over London. Volunteers accompanied new and returning cyclists on rides to help them build cycling confidence. With Cycle Buddies now running in 17 London boroughs, we’re excited to continue to expand the programme in 2021.


Find out more about Cycle Buddies

 'Gear Change' includes many policies from Love London, Go Dutch

In October we welcomed a step-change in the UK government's approach to cycling. The landmark ‘Gear Change’ report was heavily influenced by Love London, Go Dutch policies that LCC won support for in 2012. We hope it will mean councils and activists all over the country will now get more opportunities to create safe space for cycling in their areas.


Read more on Gear Change and watch the webinar here

Looking ahead to Climate Safe Streets in 2021


LCC changed the game for cycling at the past two mayoral elections and in 2021 our aim will be no different. Climate Safe Streets will be the most important campaign we have ever run. It's up to LCC to champion the long view - a COVID-19 recovery that transforms London into a greener and more resilient city. We can’t do it without the support of people like you - so if you can, please give generously to our Climate Safe Streets Appeal to help make sure we succeed.

Please support our 2021 London election campaigning - donate to the #ClimateSafeStreets appeal today