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Cycle buddies is helping Londoners start cycling through lockdown

London Cycling Campaign | 17th November 2020

Cycle Buddies helps people to make essential journeys safely and to keep active during lockdown.  The London Cycling Campaign project matches people who want to build confidence with experienced cyclists who will ride with them and help them expand their cycling horizons.
Making Essential Journeys
Many people still need to travel during lockdown – to work, school, college or childcare, or for essential shopping or medical appointments.  At the same time, many are reluctant to use public transport, and they don’t want to add to congestion by driving.  But making a new journey and finding a comfortable route can seem intimidating on your own, and that’s where Cycle Buddies comes in. Rebecca from Bromley contacted Cycle Buddies for help getting to work: “My cycle buddy Kat was great.  She found a great route that avoids all the scary, busy junctions and roads I'd been dreading. I was worried I might turn up to find a lycra-clad person who would be a bit intimidating but she was really easy to chat to and it was really nice that she was just a laid-back cyclist.”
Exercising Safely