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Health and care sector workers deserve better cycle protection

London Cycling Campaign | 4th February 2021


The aftermath of the cycle theft from UCL Hospital's unprotected cycle parking area last week

This week, we’ve been bringing public attention to the case of a worker at University College London Hospital, who was voluntarily giving up their weekends to care for COVID19 patients, out of her own time and at great personal risk.

The worker, a cyclist, was leaving the hospital on Saturday 30 January and found that her cycle had been stolen from the hospital storage unit. One can only imagine how heartbreaking and stressful this must have been, given how difficult working in this sector has been for over a year.

What should leaders in the NHS and wider care sector be doing better?

Upon learning of this, we publicised that health and care sector cycles were clearly not sufficiently protected from theft. Last summer, we publicised that secure cycle parking should be a priority for the health and care sector. Regrettably, this has not been a priority issue at some hospitals and other care centres, and NHS and other health and care sector workers have repeatedly been victims of theft at their workplaces.


What should happen now?

We visited the UCL Hospital cycle storage site this morning – and regrettably, nothing had changed. There were clear signs of theft, such as pieces of broken cycle lock strewn around the area. Signs ominously told workers that “bicycle are left at own risk.” When TFL are encouraging people to cycle and walk for journeys when possible, how can this be an acceptable situation?

How LCC can advise leaders

LCC offers a consultancy service on how to rapidly deliver improved security for staff and visitors’ cycles. Contact us here.

If this is a problem in a hospital or other care centre you or a friend or relative work at, let us know on info@lcc.org.uk - photos and details are very welcome.