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It's decision time

The next Mayor must make road transport zero carbon by 2030 or London will face dire consequences. LCC has today published its manifesto for the London Mayoral election, calling on all candidates to achieve a zero carbon road system by 2030.


Decision time

Green Recovery or Climate Crisis? Clean Air or Lethal Pollution? Active Travel or Gridlock. The next mayor will decide London's future - email the candidates to demand action now.

“It’s decision time. The next Mayor of London can set us on course for a greener, healthier, city. Or they can delay and dither, leaving Londoners choking on air pollution, on gridlocked roads, and facing a bleak climate future.”

Fran Graham, Senior Campaigns Officer, LCC

LCC has written to the main mayoral candidates for the launch of our Mayoral campaign, calling on them to put London on the right path to zero carbon roads by 2030 by committing to three critically important actions by 2024:

  • Accelerating the roll out of a high-quality cycling network across London, to deliver 50% of Transport for London’s Strategic Cycling Network.
  • Helping reduce private car use by ensuring everyone has access to shared mobility options (such as dockless e-bikes and electric car club bays) within 300m of their home and workplace.
  • Implementing a fair, simple Smart Road User Charging to reduce congestion, air pollution and climate emissions.

LCC’s Climate Safe Streets report, first published last year and now updated to account for Covid-19, is a comprehensive, in-depth blueprint for how to achieve a zero carbon road system in London by 2030. It shows how the demands of social distancing, TfL’s funding crisis, the damage done to public health and threat of a car-led recovery make decisive action by the next Mayor even more important than ever.

For more on the campaign and to see which candidates have signed up so far click here.

“Covid-19 has exposed many vulnerabilities in society. The need to build a green and fair recovery provides an opportunity for the next Mayor to radically change transport in London forever, helping to create a fairer, healthier and greener city.”

Dr Ashok Sinha, CEO, LCC

Climate Safe Streets

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