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LCC calls for more micromobility parking

Parking space must be allocated urgently for new and old "micromobility" modes, a new LCC Policy Forum report concludes.


Parking space must be allocated urgently for new and old micro modes

Cycles, shared e-scooters, shared e-bikes, adapted bikes, cargo bikes: they all need parking spaces and a strategy of space allocation and inclusive designs needs to be developed urgently. That theme was the overarching view of the Micromobility Parking workshop organised by the London Cycling Campaign Policy Forum

A range of participants in the workshop including transport planners, local authority officers, academics, consultants, investors, e-scooter trial operators, parking suppliers and active travel activists, highlighted the need to address the growing demand for micro travel mode parking and storage.

Participants considered the fragmentation of land ownership and the challenge of allocating space to micro modes whether for e-scooter trials or for cycle parking at stations, hospitals and schools. Planning regulations, funding streams and secure parking designs were all discussed. Designs that accommodate non-standard cycles whether cargo bikes or adapted cycles were a focus – they don’t fit easily in standard cycle hangars for example.

Further information

The workshop shared a range of information sources, some provided below:

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