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LCC protest death flowers at junction

Hundreds protest deadly junctions

Photos from the protest to call on the Mayor and London Councils to end cyclist deaths and injuries at junctions on Wednesday 8 September.


Thank you to everyone who protested with us on September 8

We rode from Silk Street to Holborn to protest to the Mayor of London, and to London councils, for their inaction on junctions known to have been dangerous to cyclists for decades. This ride was in the wake of the preventable death of Marta Krawiec on August 4.

Please sign and share the petition calling on them for immediate action.

We’ve created a small photo gallery from the ride.

London can move faster

When the terror attacks at London’s bridges happened, security barriers were erected overnight. Yet years after people have been killed at junctions infamous for how hostile and dangerous they are, nothing is still done and we face a wait for another inevitable fatality. All the while, these junctions put off a huge number of Londoners from walking or cycling more. We can’t stay locked in this spiral of fatal inaction any more.

Our protest highlighted the failures, not just among the Holborn junctions which have killed five people in 8 years, but along the entire Old Street corridor, one of the most popular routes for cycling in London without cycle tracks, and also site of numerous dangerous and deadly junctions. Every single London borough features fatal spots known and ignored for years. Please sign our petition demanding action.

LCC Holborn protest on dangerous junctions - crowd of people with bikes

Dr Mark Hayden calling for action to stop cyclists being injured and killed
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LCC Holborn protest on dangerous junctions - Eilidh Murray speaking

LCC trustee Eilidh Murray
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LCC Holborn protest - group of people cycling

Riding towards Holborn from Silk Street
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LCC Holborn protest on dangerous junctions - people with bikes clapping

London Assembly Member Caroline Russell
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LCC Holborn protest on dangerous junctions - woman speaking

London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon
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LCC Holborn protest on dangerous junctions - Clare Rogers speaking

LCC Healthy Streets Campaigner Clare Rogers
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