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Make Bank junction even better today

Back the City of London’s permanent scheme to further improve it for walking and cycling.

All change at bank

After years of campaigning by LCC and you, the City made this infamous lethal junction bus/bike only Monday-Friday 7-7. And that was an incredible shift for the better. But now the City have finally come forward with a permanent, high-quality scheme. But some folks really don’t like it.

So the scheme really needs your support! Cabbies are kicking off about further restrictions to them driving through. So please make sure they aren’t the only people responding. Support the proposals today with just one quick email…

How to respond

Email allchange@cityoflondon.gov.uk

Let them know how much you support the “All Change At Bank” proposals.

  • Key points to make in your own words:
  • Making the end of Queen Victoria Street cycles & servicing only, cutting traffic on Princes Street and removing motor traffic from Threadneedle Street will make the junction simpler and better for everyone.
  • The scheme, wherever possible, should be further enhanced to deliver more pedestrian space, to further reduce motor traffic movements. Narrowing more carriageway, closing off more of the arms of the junction to motor traffic would be welcome.
  • Space for cycling, including the cycle track on Threadneedle, should be well designed, clearly marked and wide.

The full consultation materials, proposal packs and City survey are here: https://city-of-london.citizenlab.co/en/projects/all-change-at-bank


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Published by Simon Munk: April 22nd, 2021