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Visualisation by Camden Council of Clerkenwell Road at the junction with Leather Lane with cycle tracks, big pavement space, trees etc.

Support major new cycleways

London's experiencing a mini-flurry of big, exciting cycling safety improvements. Support these schemes today...

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A last-minute rush to get new cycle infrastructure to their next stage before the Mayoral election period kicks in properly, we’ve seen a flurry of exciting cycle safety improvements move forward. Please take just a couple of minutes to support these…

Newham Romford Road – closes 24 March

Newham, who are really hitting their active travel stride, have proposals for the Romford Road that really see them join the big league of boroughs delivering. Consultation closes 24 March for what is a super high-quality scheme that runs over 4k from Stratford to the edge of Ilford and the borough boundary, using ‘with flow’ tracks and protected ‘Circulating Cycling Stage’ type junctions – so the scheme doesn’t look too dissimilar to Waltham Forest’s nearby Lea Bridge Road scheme.

The route also runs along one of the TfL’s Strategic Cycling Analysis corridors of ‘highest’ potential for cycling – so putting it in should result in lots more people cycling here. Have your say here.

Newham ‘East Village’ – closes 17 March

Out in the Olympic Park, click and support really positive changes to fix a really horrible high street (Celebration Avenue), get cycle tracks to a large school and Westfield, and if you ask for one thing: more reduction in motor vehicle capacity, particularly putting a ‘bus gate’ on Liberty Bridge Road. Closes 17 March

Holborn Liveable Neighbourhood – closes end March

Camden have teased a few new and bold ideas from their restarted Holborn Liveable Neighbourhood project, which you can see more on and feed into here. Their ideas include cycle tracks on Theobalds Road, making New Oxford Street pedestrian/cycle only, and among loads of other exciting ideas making Great Ormond Street a ‘Healthy Hospital Street’.


Clerkenwell Road – closed 3 March. Camden have announced not one, but two whoppingly bold and exciting developments for their entire stretch of the ‘London Boulevard’. This is the stretch of roads from Old Street in the east to Oxford Street in the west that sees some of the highest cycle flows daily anywhere in London outside of a cycle track, but is also notorious for collisions, and hostile road conditions. Camden’s consultation proposes cycle tracks to the borough boundary with Islington (their bit comes later) and massively improved junctions at Gray’s Inn Road and Roseberry Avenue. Consultation has now closed but can be viewed here.

Youtube preview
Clerkenwell Road visualisation video from Camden Council

Holland Park Roundabout – closed 3 March. Your last chance to support cycle tracks going east-west through this hated and dangerous roundabout on the border of Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea. And if you need more reason to support this scheme today, your support will no doubt upset a particular set of west London politicians who hate cycling. Our view? The scheme itself is good – it needs to connect up to cycle tracks north, south, east and west though. Take action: fill in the consultation today.

Youtube preview
Holland Park Roundabout visualisation video from TfL

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